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By: ladyzq
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will quilting foot set fit my machine?
Hi, I have a HD3000 (white) have looked at Janome Free Motion Foot Set but it states that it will only work on the black HD3000. a lot of things I look at do not have the my machine listed but will state it will work on the Black one. I com paired the specs the the two models and they are the same. Why would the color of the outer shell make a difference if the inner working is the same?
Please advise. Thank you.

  1. RE: will quilting foot set fit my machine?

    The comparison could be the same, but there may be some technical difference in the workings of the machine. Is the HD3000 Black a new model? If so then I would say it is probably capable of doing different things that the older one. However, this is something that you should check out with your dealer - they should be able to provide an answer to your question.

    Posted: Aug 29 2019 By: CherylAnn
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