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By: violetetnow555
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Once i finish sewing and want to remove the fabric, the fabric does not pull easily towards the back. i pull the threads out from in front of the needles per the instruction book, but the looper threads keep me from pulling the fabric towards the back. i have to cut those separately from the other threads and they don't give, sometimes not enough for me to cut them. Any suggestions?

  1. RE: COVERPRO2000

    I have the same problem. What I do. and it is probably the right thing to do, is turn the fly wheel backwards until the threads loosen from the hooks and then I can pull the fabric out. I feel that there could be improvement in the area of "release" when the cover stitch is completed.

    I've been at classes and the instructor NEVER seems to have a problem releasing the item, but I am not so lucky when I do a cover hem; but I do love my CoverPro 2000 anyway.

    Posted: Oct 30 2019 By: CherylAnn
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