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By: Wendy Petit
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Embroidery Unit Problems for the 15000
I was embroidering a design, everything was going fine. All of a sudden the design "got off track" and went all over the place. The embroidery unit started making a grinding noise. I turned off the machine, took the hoop off. Turned the machine back on and when the embroidery went back to the "starting" position, once again the grinding sound. Has anyone had this problem and what happened? I am a little nervous - didn't sound good at all, sounded expensive!

  1. RE: Embroidery Unit Problems for the 15000

    I think you need to take your machine and the embroidery unit into your dealer. That isn't normal. I've had my 15000 from the first day it was available in Canada and I've not experienced that and the couple of friends I have that have a 15000 or 12000 haven't either. I have heard of the belt that looks like a heavy clear plastic belt, sometimes tears or breaks. You would be able to see that if you take off the embroidery unit. It that happened you definitely need to have it repaired.

    Posted: Oct 30 2019 By: CherylAnn
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