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9400 Skipping Stitches with Ruler Foot
I would so much love to have your thoughts. I took my Janome 9400 in to repair yesterday. Since I got the machine in March, it has been skipping stitches when I use the ruler foot and do ruler or free-motion quilting, particularly while moving fabric backwards. Repairman could find nothing wrong with it mechanically. He adjusted the tension on the blue dot bobbin case a little. He stitched FMQ and it did beautifully (he used the hopping/darning skipped stitches. Before leaving shop, I tested FMQ using the little QO foot and no skipped stitches at all. However, when I changed to Ruler settings and ruler foot, it skipped horribly. We had a group meeting, repairman, woman who owns the quilt shop and sews a lot, and myself. We came up blank with what could be causing the problem. I have done everything suggested dot bobbin case; purple needle; Janome bobbins; red needles; lower ruler foot; glider sheet. Do you have any input, please.

  1. RE: 9400 Skipping Stitches with Ruler Foot

    Maybe the dealer has magical powers over your machine.

    Now seriously, have you tried to use your "normal" settings and not the ruler settings to do the ruler quilting? I don't intentionally forget to set up my machine for what I intend to do, but I do forget oftener than I like to admit. Sometimes the machine sews just fine without a "setup" and other times, you really need to change things or you are in trouble. Try eliminating all the possibilities - I know you've done quite a few, but there might be more you can try. If all fails, go to your dealer and take your ruler with you and try it on the store's machine - if it does the same thing then you know that you aren't the sole problem. You did test your machine at the dealer's but it doesn't sound like you tested exactly what you are doing at home.

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