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By: gaylejlee
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Janome AirThread 2000 change knife
I want to change the upper knife on my AirThread 2000d. I cannot get it loose. Took to the local dealer. They were absolutely no help at all. Kept it for a week, supposedly took the knife off and put it back on. Said there were nicks in the knife. I NEVER sew with pins, so it must have come that way. Any hints on how to get the knife loose so I can change it?

  1. RE: Janome AirThread 2000 change knife

    Take it back to your dealer and demand (but nicely) that they change it or at least show you how and to loosen the screw - I assume that you can't.

    A serger has 2 knives and one is easy to change and usually there is a spare in your accessories. I've only ever had to change one in all my experience and that was years ago. However, having said that I owned that first serger much longer and used it much more than the several that I've bought since. The other knife is a stationery one that doesn't have a replacement part as an accessory. That one I think either has to be changed by a dealer or at least you'd need to order the part. You might as well get the serger serviced when you have it in the shop. They do accumulate a lot of lint.

    Posted: Nov 19 2019 By: CherylAnn
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