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Feed Problem Skyline S9
I am getting acquainted with my new S9! Only issue I can't resolve (so far) is that the fabric does not properly feed at the beginning of a seam. I have had troubles while using the even feed foot as well. But today, Using foot A, sewing on stabilized cotton knit, I could not move the seam along until the fabric reached about 1/2 inch behind the foot. The fabric is being drawn into the plate after a couple stitches. Once it reaches the feed dogs in the rear, it appears to move along smoothly. Any adivce?

  1. RE: Feed Problem Skyline S9

    I think that perhaps you need to take the machine in for adjustment to the front part of the feed dogs. However, until you can make that trip, try using a lead fabric to start your stitching on and place that at least behind all the fee dogs and then lead your fabric in and hold the leader and gently urge the rest to feed through.

    The acufeed system needs to have the fabric back a little so that the back of the foot doesn't chew the garment in. Sometimes doing a bit of a back tack can help with that issue, but not always.

    We are told that NO LEADERS are needed, but I've found (when I'm not to lazy) that a leader guarantees a very good start on any seam - quilters do this all the time. I never learned that way, so I sometimes just don't think about it and then have to deal with the top thread pulling down and have that bit of messy look on the bottom side - the pits when you're making something that you want to look really nice underneath, even if it is only something that matters to you.

    Posted: Nov 19 2019 By: CherylAnn
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