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By: RachelB
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Sewing Webbing with HD-3000
Hi there,

I'm using a HD-3000 and looking for help with sewing 2 layers of polypro webbing together (covered in polyester canvas), I'm using #46 bonded poly thread, a 90/14 needle (new and sharp) and I've increased the thread tension and lengthened the stitch.. yet it still jams up, so frustrating.

I feel like this machine should be able to handle this?!

Any help much appreciated!!


  1. RE: Sewing Webbing with HD-3000

    Try a different thread, and a 100 needle. You could also just butt the ends together, but that may not be strong enough if weight or tension is applied where the join is.

    Posted: Nov 19 2019 By: CherylAnn
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