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By: Michelle Barke
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Downloading "sketch" type embroidery designs
I have Digitizer MBX which has always worked fine when purchasing designs online to sew. I recently purchased a few sketch embroidery designs and when I insert them into the digitizer program, all the stitches are off. The stitches are supposed to be evenly spaced and some are really tight while others are loose. I downloaded a free 30-day trial of another digitizing software to use to download a sketch design I had purchased, and that software worked perfectly.
I know the Digitizer MBX is a good product, just don't know why it's messing up with these designs.
I hope I have explained this clearly - has anyone had this problem and solved it? Thanks

  1. RE: Downloading "sketch" type embroidery designs

    What are you trying to achieve? Have you stitched out what you've adjusted? Some things may not be great once you've altered them if there is a lot of change to the design.

    Posted: Nov 25 2019 By: CherylAnn
  2. RE: Downloading "sketch" type embroidery designs

    Thanks for your reply. I did stitch out the design and my machine stitched it out just as I had altered it. It wasn't perfect but close enough for a toddler's tshirt. I just don't want to have to alter the design; it's very time consuming and I can't get it perfect. The sketch fonts are impossible for me to correct. So I purchased designs I can't use.
    I've never had trouble downloading or stitching out any applique or embroidery design I've purchased.
    I appreciate your help!
    Posted: Dec 03 2019 By: Michelle Barke
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