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Thread Shredding - 500e
I just bought the MC500e embroidery machine. The thread keeps shredding and then breaking. I have changed the thread, needle, bobbin, changed the tension and anything else I could think of and no luck. It's brand new, I shouldn't have to change anything. I just can't figure out what is causing my thread to shred and break. Any help suggestions are very much appriciated.

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    As your machine is new - I think you should contact your dealer. It could be a mechanical thing and you'd need to take it in to have it repaired.

    Posted: Nov 25 2019 By: CherylAnn
  2. RE: Thread Shredding - 500e

    Hello. I have the 500E as well and I was having some problems with the thread too. I recommend you to use an 80/14 embroidery Organ needle or Schmetz brand and use it with Janome, Sulky, Madeira or Isacord embroidery thead. Use metal bobbins instead of the plastic ones that come with the machine, they are heavier and don't jump inside the bobbin case. Use Janome embroidery bobbin thread as well, Ever Sewn or Madeira as well. These machines are very delicate. Go to the screen and set your top tension thread to default or auto, then graduate your bobbin tension until you like the result.
    Remember to place the machine on a sturdy table or a surface that doesn't shake or vibrate horizontally, this will avoid the bobbin to jump inside the bobbin case and you'll not get loops or stuck thread. That should solve all your problems. Let me know if these recommendations solve your issues with the machine. Content is edited
    Posted: Nov 28 2019 By: Dianky
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