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Embroidery on Memory Craft 6500
I'm a complete novice when it comes to sewing, and I've never used anything beyond a standard electric sewing machine.
I recently gained access to an unused Memory Craft 6500 machine, and I'm curious if I can do embroidery where the machine will make the stitches based on a digital design (as opposed to me setting the stitch type to be appropriate for embroidery and then my hands moving the fabric to accomplish the desired design).

I glanced through the MC 6500 manual, and I think I understand that this machine is not compatible with the Janome Artistic Digitizer. Can someone please confirm?

Next question: if I want to embroider on this machine, is there any way to automate the embroidery shapes (so the machine is making the shapes instead of my hands)?

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    No. The Memory Craft 6500 is just a sewing machine. You would need to get a machine that does embroidery only or a combination sewing/embroidery machine such as the MC15000 - the top of the Janome sewing machine line for both techniques or the Skyline S9 which does both again but much less expensive but a beautiful machine (I have both). For embroidery only the 550E is the one at a still lower price but also very good- it just doesn't sew a fine seam.

    Artistic Digitizer is a computer program and you need to know how to use it, lessons are good. You bring in a graphic or some kind of shape and assign stitches to that shape, either manually, meaning you make the moves, of "auto digitize" meaning that the program will assign stitches. Your own usually are nicer, however, these programs have improved since I first started about 15 years ago - auto was not nice back then.

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