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By: CherylAnn
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New Machine
I did it. I bought the new Continental M7 Professional Sewing Machine. I don't think I have one any better than this machine It surpasses my MC15000, and I never thought that could ever happen unless they came out with the next model of the Embroidery/Sewing machine at the high price that they cost - the M7 is it. I took a class that was a 2 day spread over 2 Wednesdays. My dealer let me sew my Bras (great class) on this wonderful machine and I was a "goner". I lucked into the Black Friday sale - yes in Canada, even though we've had out Thanksgiving over a month and a half ago.

I even let 3 of my grandchildren be the FIRST to sew on the new machine. They were impressed and the older of the 3 at age 14 is quite a seamstress already. She is sewing up a fat quarter with decorative stitches and we'll think of something she make with the finished product. Her 8 year old sister will likely want to make something too and we'll work that out later. The 11 year old brother was impressed as well - pretty good for a boy of that age. Today I get to sew on it and I'll finish the borders on a little quilt sample that I had hanging on the wall for a couple months now.

Just letting this group know that if you can afford this machine, you won't be suffering any let down as it is an awesome machine. Powerful motor, good lighting and good eye sight access to the needle area. However, it is huge in comparison to the 6700 as it has that big harp area for quilting.


  1. RE: New Machine M7

    I just got the M7 for Christmas and am trying to learn how to use it. Where did you find two days of class. Every dealer I have talked to says they don't have classes. I am willing to travel and pay if necessary. Thanks, Judy
    Posted: Jan 06 2020 By: skousen
  2. RE: New Machine

    Happy New Year, Judy!
    Congratulations on your new Continental M7.

    Your dealer should offer you a class on the use of your machine. However, if she doesn't, take your manual out and go through it. Pick and choose the things that you really need to know first and try them out. Have yourself some fabric pieces st up that are about 6" long by at least 3" so that you have some room to play for the "testing" of stitches, etc. Sandwich 2 pieces together as that works best for experimenting.

    Here are a few places that you can go on-line to find out what your dealers aren't willing to share with you or don't know how:
    Sew4Home has a website and they have some really nice projects - they use Janome machines. They are simple to use and to sew up - good instructions.

    The Janome Life Blog in - there is lots of inspiration there: ife-blog/#enblog

    Janome has a channel on YouTube - lots there- Type in Janome Channel in the search bar on YouTube:

    Once you get started you will find that there is much more that you can access and find out about Janome and your M7 as well.

    Posted: Jan 08 2020 By: CherylAnn
  3. RE: New Machine

    Where do you live? We used to have a "private" means to contact people on this forum but it has been taken away. I'd like to communicate with you directly, but don't know how that can be done, without posting my email address here and I don't really want to do that as I get so much crazy email already that I really don't want to give access deliberately to potentially have more. If you can think of a way let me know.

    Posted: Jan 08 2020 By: CherylAnn
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