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By: Cazie
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MC9450 Workbook
I live in the UK and this workbook is impossible to purchase unless I visit the US. Its on my bucket list but impossible for a long time. I would really love to know how to use my new machine. I have contacted Janome in the UK about the workbook but they have stated that Janome US have written the workbook and its not availble in the UK. Would it be possible to release it as a PDF or ship it to the UK in the future please. I love this machine but dont really know how to use all the features, there are no workshops available in the local area. Having paid a small fortune for this machine I really would love to able to use it to its full extent. I am following Chatterbox Quilts and Kim is awesome. Please please can it

  1. RE: MC9450 Workbook

    You can buy it on from a US seller who ships to the UK....I just checked for you, it is item #303483238467. I have absolutely NO affiliation with the seller and/or eBay, just trying to help you.
    Hope you enjoy your 9450, mine arrived a couple of days ago too. It's a beautiful machine! ;-)
    Posted: Feb 14 2020 By: SewingNana
  2. Memory Craft 9450 workbook

    am waiting for my workbook! Maybe you can help me with a solution in preventing bobbin barf... I can not remember what the salesperson told me. Triying to learn free motion, and am plagued with the bobbin barf issue at the beginning .
    Thank you in advance.
    Posted: Jun 10 2020 By: Marguer526
  3. RE: MC9450 Workbook

    Try to keep your upper thread to the right of your needle and hold it there while you start sewing. Another thing you can do is to bring the bobbin thread to the top and hold both the bobbin thread and needle thread to the right for a few stitches.

    Posted: Jun 11 2020 By: CherylAnn
  4. RE: MC9450 Workbook

    Thanks,will try it.
    Posted: Jun 12 2020 By: Marguer526
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