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Very inconsistent stiches
I have a Janome HD3000 and all of a sudden my stitches are VERY inconsistent. Some will be very tight together and some will be longer apart. The faster the pedal, the closer the stitches are. Is this a problem with the feed dogs? This happens no matter what material I try to sew or the thread. Anyone have any ideas?

  1. RE: Very inconsistent stiches

    I'm assuming that you have taken all the thread out and re-threaded your machine - if not do so before doing anything else.

    Next, have you cleaned out the machine - the bobbin area, for lint build up. This will create problems if an excessive amount of lint has accumulated. Try running a piece of unwaxed dental floss through the thread guide on the top of the machine in the whole thread path, so clean out anything that might have caught in the tension discs.

    A change of needle might just be the trick also. Remember that the needle you use is important and I like to change the needle with each project that I do. The new needle should be good, but sometimes it might be dull as well, so try a second one just in case,

    If none of this works, your machine might just need a trip to the dealer for adjustments and/or a good deep cleaning that we can't do at home. Some little thing might be bent or broken and need replacing - probably not, but you never know.

    We love our machines and it is a pain to take them out as they are heavy, but it just needs to be done from time to time. Perhaps, if you leave the machine and try it again after a good night's sleep things will work just fine. Frustration is not our friend, so leaving things and coming back to work at the project later, might have you think about something that you didn't try already.

    Posted: Jul 02 2020 By: CherylAnn
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