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  • 3/22/2016

    By Sherri Sylvester

    Janome Canada Artisan Sherri Sylvester of Thread Riding Hood started a six-week blog series called The Sewing Diaries, where she has been posting one topic per week about her new machine, the Skyline S7. Our blog post today will be an overview of Sherri's first week, where she unboxed her S7.

    To stay organized, Sherri suggests when you first unbox the machine to put away all of the extras that came with your sewing machine. This also helps to make sure you have everything you need in order for you to use the machine. Sherri suggests to store everything in the body of your machine. 

    The second step is mentally preparing yourself to take care of your machine so that it lasts longer. Sherri mentions that cleaning your machine and taking it in for maintenance on a regular basis helps you to get great tension and achieve straight stitches every time you sew. 

    Lastly, it is important to read the machine manual and get to know everything your sewing machine can do!

    Click here to read part 1 of unboxing your new machine. 

    Click here to read part 2.

  • 3/22/2016

    Bonnets by Kelly Crawford

    Janome Artisan Kelly Crawford of Sewing in No Mans Land used her Skyline S7 sewing machine to make these adorable Easter Bunny Bonnets for her daughters. Kelly mentions in her blog post that this bonnet pattern is straight forward and simple, meaning that there are no raw edges.

    Kelly's bonnet pattern is available for free download on her website until Easter Sunday. On Monday, March 28, the pattern will be available to purchase in her pattern shop. Of course, if you want to make a bonnet for year-round usage, you can leave off the bunny ears.

    Click here to create Kelly's oh-so-cute Easter Bunny Bonnets.

  • 3/21/2016

    Perfect for the Upcoming Months

    Happy Spring "aka" Gardening Season! Janome Freelance Educator Susan Clark Enderson made an adorable Gardening apron, hat and sleeves for everyone who enjoys spending warm, sunny days in the patch.

    Follow Susan's tutorial below and embroider your favorite spring designs into any type or colored apron, sleeves and hat.

    Click here!

  • 3/17/2016

    Featuring an Orange Princess Tulip

    This beautiful 3D Tulip quilt was made by Janome Artisan Sarah Smith. She used her Horizon Memory Craft 15000 machine to make this small art quilt for her SewBatik "Celebration" challenge that will hang in June at the Vermont Quilt Festival. Sarah bought a kit at Vermont Quilt Festival last year when she was a teacher there and it included two fat quarters of fabric, a multicolor red and multicolor yellow. It also came with instructions to make a 20"x20" quilt.

    Sarah provided Janome with a project blog post to show you how she made this colorful quilt. Please note that there is no pattern included in her tutorial.

    Click here to learn more!

  • 3/16/2016

    Making a Difference in Southern California

    8-year old Khloe from Irvine, CA proves there is no problem so big that a little caring can't help. As the city of Los Angeles declared a State of Emergency on homelessness, Khloe decided to act out. She would see the same women on the streets on her walk to school every morning and decide to speak with them on how they got to where they are. Through interacting with them, Khloe found that most of these women needed the same basic things.

    Khloe and her grandmother enjoy sewing together and decided to start sewing bags for these women and provide everyday necessities in them. Now when she sees these women on her way to school, she hands each of them one of her homemade bags. 

    The hosts on The Real featured Khloe on their daily panel show and gave her a Janome Purple Thunder machine along with a variety of sewing accessories as a gift for her kind heart and to help her make more bags for homeless men and women. Khloe was also provided with over 1,000 Dove products to help stuff her bags.

    Janome is proud of Khloe for her dedication and hard work to making a difference in the world.

    Click here to watch Khloe on The Real and learn more about how her organization "Khloe Kares" is helping the homeless.

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