Welcome Kimberly of Sweet Red Poppy

We're thrilled to have Kimberly Coffin, the creative force behind Sweet Red Poppy, joining us as a Janome Maker. Kimberly has been sewing on a Janome for years and we're excited to see what she creates with her new Janome sewing machine and serger!

Erin in Marketing "sat down" with Kimberly for a little chat. Learn more about Kimberly's best sewing tip below! 

Here's a little more about Kimberly:

Wife and mother to three by day, quick-stitching seamstress by night. Kimberly is the “sew”cialist behind the blog Sweet Red Poppy. She is a fabric-hoarding, embellishment loving, color enthusiast, who enjoys putting her modern spin on sewing.

In her spare time, you can find her dreaming up her latest design, stitching away like a wild woman and taking way too many photographs of her children, all in an effort to avoid the menial daily household tasks of motherhood. Take a look behind the seams at her refreshingly honest posts about the daily challenges of motherhood, the chaos of three children under four and her passion for fashion and sewing on Instagram @sweetredpoppyFacebook, or YouTube.

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