The Quintessential Plaid Tote

From Sew4Home

The Sew4Home team made the perfect plaid tote using the Janome Memory Craft 8900QCP Special Edition. The style of this tote is classic for the fall because it has beautiful dark color tones and plaid material that warms it up. This bag also goes well when taking a relaxing stroll along the countryside in addition to dealing with the urban hustle. 

When sewing plaids, alignment of the seams is crucial. If the plaid doesn't match up, it is obvious and unsightly. When sewing seams, the feed dogs on your machine only touch the bottom fabric, feeding it at a faster rate than the top layer. Even with diligent pinning, the top piece of fabric will shift and no longer line up perfectly with the bottom layer. That is why AcuFeed was born. The AcuFeed system is synchronized sewing for the top and bottom layers. It does more than attach to your machine; it becomes an extension of the feeding system.

Get started on sewing a plaid tote for yourself using Sew4Home's clear step-by-step instructions. 

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