The Sewing Diaries - Week 2

Using Zippers and Buttonholes

Janome Canada Artisan Sherri Sylvester of Thread Riding Hood started a six-week blog series called The Sewing Diaries, where she has been posting one topic per week about her new machine, the Skyline S7. Yesterday, we featured week 1's blog post and today, we are featuring week 2's post where Sherri will talk about learning how to make buttonholes and install zippers.

Sherri mentions that there are a variety of ways machines are set up to make buttonholes and some basic models don't have buttonhole feet as an option. Most Janome machines have a similar one-step buttonhole process, the thing that differs is the number of buttonhole shape options and how you can change their sizes and how precisely they are sewn. Sherri provided buttonhole tutorials for you to watch and learn. 

The Skyline S7 has many different ways to install different zipper types. Sherri explains that zipper feet aren't only for zippers. Sewing close to thicker edges and using it to install piping and pompom trim are just a few other things you can use it for. Sherri also provided zipper tutorial round ups.

Click here to read her full blog post.

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