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Heather Peterson

Heather Peterson is the Designer and CEO of Girl Charlee Fabrics. GirlCharlee.com has been the premier online purveyor of knit fabrics since 2010 and Heather is proud to exclusively use Janome in her sewing studio.

After many years of sewing for her own children and producing a vintage-inspired clothing line Girl Charlee, Heather found her passion for fabrics and Girl Charlee Fabrics was born. She spends her days designing, sourcing and creating high quality knit fabrics while also contributing as an active member in the online sewing and crafting community.

Heather and the Girl Charlee Fabric team utilize Janome serger, cover stitch and sewing machines to create tutorials, tips and tricks and other digital content to help dispel the myths of sewing with knits. They frequently update the Girl Charlee Fabrics Blog, Facebook page and popular Facebook sewing groups, Instagram, Pinterest and other social media outlets to inspire sewists of all ages across the globe!


Kimberly Einmo 

Kimberly Einmo is an author, award-winning quilter, designer, international instructor and quilt judge. She has written six best-selling books published by the American Quilter’s Society including Modern Quilts & More, Precut Bonanza, Jelly Roll Quilt Magic, Jelly Roll Quilts & More, Quilt A Travel Souvenir, and Clever Combo Quilts. Kimberly has hosted five very popular online courses with over 105,000 students from around the world on CRAFTSY including the 2015 Summer BOM, Magical Blocks: Out of the Box, Magical Jelly Roll Quilts, Chain of Stars Mystery Quilt, and Amazing Applique. Kimberly also writes a monthly column featured in American Quilter Magazine entitled “Kimberly’s Korner” and she has written dozens of articles which have appeared in numerous publications. In addition, she has appeared on various television and radio programs.

Kimberly developed a signature line of innovative tools including the EZ Flying Geese Ruler, EZ Jelly Roll Ruler, EZ Hearts Cut Tool, and the EZ Pineapple Ruler. She loves to travel and has visited almost every state in America and travelled the world to lecture and teach. She loves to teach on the high seas and has taught on almost two dozen quilting cruises. Most of all she loves to meet quilters from around 

To learn more about Kimberly and to view her work, head over to kimberlyeinmo.com.


Lonni Rossi

Lonni is a fabric designer and a fiber artist. With fabric and thread, design, color, texture and form, she strives to tell stories about the possibility of beauty. 

There is always a "back story" involved in Lonni's work. The image has to mean something, if only to her. It is usually something that reminds Lonni of a time or place, a feeling that has been left unresolved or something she feels deeply about.

Lonni's images and motifs are abstract. They are beautiful, graphic, colorful, mysterious and something obscure. Lonni wants her viewers to feel rewarded and happy. By letting her stories become reality, Lonni wants to help the viewer's imagination take them to another place, time, life - where they too can become involved

Some of Lonni's art quilt techniques include fabric fusing, fabric and thread layering, free-motion machine embroidery, fused and stitched-over Angelina fibers as well as machine piecing and quilting. 

Lonni's original hand-screened "bespoke" fabrics, digitally printed fabrics, art quilts and commercially printed textiles are meant to be used as catalysts - to allow the viewer an opportunity to dream about beautiful things. 

Visit Lonni's website at www.LonniRossi.com


Luke Haynes

Subverting the traditional quilting form by integrating modern concepts, Luke Haynes' art transforms the comfortably familiar into the visually evocative. 

Luke was born and raised in the south and with a formal training in art and architecture at Cooper Union in New York City, Luke continues to experiment with quilting art while exploring art and architecture across the globe.

A chance encounter with a box of fabric remnants sparked Luke's imagination. His first quilt, measuring 7' x 10', led him through years of experimentation and improvements over the years that he has been quilting. Further honing this style, Luke developed a system to piece manageable parts into a larger whole, applying a modern design sense to a familiar process. 

Luke uses reclaimed materials from the communities he works with in his projects to speak with the textile language of the area. His works are in the collections of the Brooklyn Museum in Brooklyn, NY, the Newark Museum in Newark, NJ, the Craft and Folk Art Museum in Los Angeles, CA and many more!

Click here to learn more about Luke and to view his quilting work. 


Sarah Smith 

Color, line, texture, imagery and stories - all being part of the tradition and future of quilting and art are some of the things that spur Sarah to create. She wants to share her passion and show people that they too can be creative.

Sarah learned how to sew after her neighbor made an apron for her doll when she was six years old. When she first started quilting, she knew she found her niche.

As a former US diplomat, Sarah would draw on her tours in Africa and South America. She is now a full-time artist, has written for Quilting Arts and Machine Quilting Unlimited and has a video workshop for Quilting Arts/Interweave. Sarah also has her own art quilt studio, has appeared on Quilting Arts TV and is also a quilt teacher and pattern designer.

She lives in Hope, Maine with her husband, son and pets. To see her art, teaching schedule, blog or to contact her, visit www.sarahannsmith.com.


Sew4Home: Senior Editor, Liz Johnson and Creative Director, Anne Adams

With nearly a half million visits each month, this super popular DIY site is proud to be an exclusive Janome sewing studio.

Since 2009, each weekday the Sew4Home team publishes a trend-setting project or helpful sewing tutorial, all of them powered by Janome machines. Liz and Anne believe everyone can and should make their own home décor and other great projects - even if you've never sewn before. A big part of their "Want it? Make it!" conviction is understanding how important it is to work with the best tools possible. If you're looking for inspiration from aprons and bags to pillows and throws, Sew4Home will send your creativity soaring. 

Find it at http://www.sew4home.com.  



Janome Makers

All Janome Makers are Powered by Janome

Ajaire Parello

Ajaire Parello has been the sole creator at Call Ajaire since 2009. As an avid sewist and crafter for over 25 years, it wasn't until her daughter was born in 2011 that she found an outlet for all of her creative ideas and the focus of Call Ajaire shifted to sewing and fashion inspiration for young girls.

Though most known for Call Ajaire's Monthly MashUp series, in 2015 Ajaire launched her children's clothing patterns under Designs by Call Ajaire (DbCA) with the mission statement: "Cultivating a love of sewing through skill-building. Let's elevate your sewing!"




Caroline Hulse

Caroline is a fabric and pattern designer as well as author of the creative lifestyle blog, Sew Caroline

Caroline has a passion for handmade fashion and loves designing and sewing clothes that are easy to wear everyday. 

She resides in Fort Worth, Texas with her husband where she enjoys riding her bike and taking excessive amounts of photos on Instagram




Erin Sobon Sundet

Erin is a 30-something living in beautiful Denver, Colorado. She blogs as a way to share her tutorials, inspire other sewists and crafters, document her projects and get more involved with the wonderful folks of the online sewing and DIY community.

Erin is absolutely enamored with everything sewing and crafting. If craftiness is an inheritable trait, Erin likes to think she got hers from her grandmother. Erin's grandmother was a seamstress, knitter, quilter and a painter amont many other things. 

Everytime Erin creates something with her two own hands, she feels like she is honoring her grandmother. Her blog Sewbon is pronounced the same as her maiden name.



Felicia Brenoe

Felicia Brenoe grew up in a small coastal town in Norway. She developed an early appreciation for beautiful patchwork and fabric from the artistic community that surrounded her family. After Felicia moved to Arizona for college, she started indulging more fully in textile arts. Initially, she focused on needlework and historical embroidery, but she soon added quilting and patchwork to her passions.

Felicia completed graduate work in physical anthropology, However, she couldn't stop sewing, and that seemed incompatible with a 90-hour week job in a tenure track career. Instead, Felicia left research and for several years worked in the fields of personal development training, career development and teaching. In 2013, she left her full time job at a college to jump with both feet into a career as a quilt designer.

Felicia enjoys working with many colors and fabrics in her designs. She is frequently inspired by historial textiles as well as by the moods and natural beauty of her international travels. Inspiration usually comes to her as color first and then form.

Felicia's work has appeared in several magazines, including Quiltmania, Art Quilting Studio, Generation Q Magazine, Quilt Festival and Quilty. Her first publication with C&T Publishing was My Cozy Village (2016). Her second publication was The Quiltmaker's Butterfly Forest that came out in January 2017. The quilt Tiputini was a finalist at several AQS shows, including Paducah in 2015.

Felicia lives in Phoenix, Arizona with her husband, daughters and three spoiled cats. When she isn't sewing, she enjoys traveling the world, gardening and she is an avid Tai Chi practitioner. You can visit Felicia and learn more about her designs on her blog Felicia's World, Instagram or Facebook


Isa Kriegeskotte

Isa tailors garments from top designers to fit the world's most celebrated bodies. As Hollywood's in-demand personal tailor with a passion for all things Tailored & Made, Isa's work graces red carpets, runways and couture ad campaigns alike.

Isa's craftsmanship started at an early age. As a little girl, she learned to pattern and sew from her grandmother, a renowed pattern maker and fashion illustrator, who oftern partnered with Isa to create matching outfits for Isa and her dolls.

Over the past 15 years, Isa has been deeply involved in the high-end fashion industry from design to product development, couture, on-set tailoring and styling as well as sales.

Isa has worked with the New York City Ballet Costume Shop, Rod Keenan New York, Givenchy, Vogue, Rachel Zoe, numerous stylists, advertising and editorial clients as well as many of Hollywood's most iconic celebrities.


Jen Schumann

Jen Schumann is a work-at-home mom of three kids. She grew up with an artist father and a musical, crafty mother and luckily inherited some creative genes, which help her stay sane.

Fabric is Jen's medium of choice, though she very infrequently dabbles in other types of craft. She loves to design, make and remake clothes. Jen spent a couple of years in a fashion design program in college, but ended up graduating in English.

After all of these years, Jen's fashion design dreams never went away and she now designs and sews on a regular basis. You can find her creations at iCandy Handmade.


Jennifer Davey

As a stay-at-home mom, Jennifer strives to strike a balance between family, home and work. In the professional world, she is a craft designer. Jennifer loves to sew, fold, punch, glue... whatever the substrate or craft, she is in!

Jennifer is on the May Arts Design team, I Love to Create team and has published work in Sew News, Sew it All, Belle Amore, Crafts n' Things, Apronology and more!

To learn more about Jennifer and to view her work, head over to www.bestillmycraftingheart.blogspot.com.


Kelly Crawford

Kelly is a maker who is also a mover! Every few years, Kelly and her family move to a new country. Living all over the world and being immersed in new cultures is where Kelly finds her inspiration. 

Whether it be from the sunny island is East Timor, the fashion forward streets of Paris or on the beach in her current home of Sydney, Australia, Kelly's greatest artistic joy is creating a sewing pattern that she knows will be made over and over again by talented crafters all over the world.

Kelly is a Janome girl and has only ever sewn on Janome machines. Her motto is "Create anywhere!". You can learn more about Kelly and view her talented work at www.sewinginnomansland.com.


Maureen Cracknell

Maureen is a stay-at-home mother of three, a lover of all things crafty and creative and she makes everything by hand in her small town in Pennsylvania.

Maureen started her blog Maureen Cracknell Handmade in 2010 for a little space of her own - for sharing her passion to create, to document what she learns and how she grows as an artistic person along with having a special place to keep some of those little projects and moments that she and her children create together throughout the day.



Meredith Daniel

Meredith Daniel is a self taught sewist inspired by generations of makers before her. She began her real journey in sewing in 2010 and hasn't taken a break since.

Meredith blogs about her adventures in sewing over at Olivia Jane Handcrafted. She loves to sew garments, quilts, bags and anything else that strikes her fancy. In addition, she has published a few quilt patterns with Alison Glass and has a page full of projects and tutorials on her blog.

Meredith aims to make quality, lasting items and hopes to share her handmade inspiration with others. "Our hands and imaginations are wonderful gifts that are nearly unstoppable when they work together." - Meredith


Merrick White 

Merrick is a wife, mother of three little boys, an avid seamstress and stylist, project junkie and a crazy optimist. She is on a lifelong mission to create a workable, remixable, budget friendly, partially handmade and all-around amazing closet. She would love to help other women achieve the same mission.

Merrick is a self-taught seamstress who specializes in sewing refashions, handmade dresses and sleepless nights.

Visit her at merricksart.com.



Michelle Hart 

Michelle developed a love of sewing at a young age. She comes from a long line of talented seamstresses and quilters. She has many fond memories of being surrounded by fabric in her grandmother's sewing room. Michelle started sewing apparel in high school and earned a degree in apparel design. Her passion has now turned to quilting where she enjoys creating patterns with vibrant color and design.

Michelle lives in Phoenix, AZ and enjoys spending time with her family and dogs. She can often be found reading, hiking or riding her bike. 

Click here to see her projects on Etsy. 



Milinda Jay Stephenson

The love of sewing is deeply rooted in Milinda's family. In 1906, her great-grandmother opened a sewing and notions store in Southport, Florida. She began by ordering needles, pins and fine fabrics from the Sears and Roebuck catalog and selling them on her front porch. By 1925, she had moved her fabric and notions store to downtown Panama City where she spread sewing cheer to all who stopped by.

Milinda's love of innovative techniques, fine fabrics and real Cluny lace is inhertited from her great-grandmother whose children and grandchildren shared her love of sewing. Three generations later, Milinda carries on the tradition of sewing prom gowns, Halloween costumes, cheerleading uniforms, Christmas pajamas and Easter outfits with her own children.

Milinda is a frequent contributor to Creative Machine Embroidery and Sew News magazines. You can see some of Milinda's projects at milindajay.com and on the Janome website. 


Nicole Daksiewicz

Nicole is a pattern designer and quilter living in Indianapolis, IN. While she has been sewing from a young age, her introduction to quilting began just a few years ago. Instantly in love with quilting, it became her favorite creative outlet and marked the beginning for her blog Modern Handcraft.

You can find many sewing related tutorials, patterns and crafts on her website, along with design inspiration and a few pictures of her family. She also frequently shares in-progress pictures of projects over on her Instagram page and has recently started teaching.





Samantha Walker 

Samantha's designs are influenced by childhood memories and travels. She graduated from Bringham Young University with a BFA in illustration design. Shortly after graduating college, she met her husband and moved to Tokyo, Japan.  

While living in Tokyo, Samantha took Sumi-e painting classes (calligraphic flower painting). She also explored Hong Kong, Singapore, Guam and Bali while living overseas. The imagery of her travels has been engrained in her mind and has a tendency to naturally spark ideas when designing. 

You can find Samantha's designs in her fabric collections for Riley Blake Designs or on many other products in the crafting industry. She is fortunate to work with Janome  and share how easy it is to create craft and sewing projects.

"With Janome, you are only limited by your own imagination." -  Samantha

Visit Samantha at www.samanthawalkerdesigns.net


Stephanie Kendron

A passion for the makers in our community, Stephanie Kendron, mom of two and sewist brings us the stories of some of the industry's popular makers through her popular podcast and blog, Modern Sewciety.

When not sewing or recording, Stephanie enjoys spending time with her family and a glass of wine; making quilts that can be seen in magazines such as Love Patchwork and Quilting, Modern Quilts Unlimited and more!




Susan Emory

Susan Emory is a fifth generation quilter, graphic designer, wife and mother. In addition, Susan is a former quilt shop owner and the founder of Swirly Girls Design. She has been designing creative patterns with clearly written and illustrated instructions since 2008.

Susan's designs have been featured in several magazines and Swirly Girls Design patterns are sold worldwide. She hosts Schoolhouse programs at International Quilt Market and provides trunk shows and workshops for quilt shops and guilds.

In addition to quilt patterns and books, Susan designed the Monogram Buttons for Dill Buttons and has collaborated on two rulers for Creative Grids. She is a licensed designer with Michael Miller Fabrics and created the Clubhouse Quilt Club, a progressive quilt program. 

Susan is actively involved in the quilting industry, a member of the International Association of Creative Arts Professionals, a member of Central Virginia Modern Quilt Guild and an Aurifil Thread Specialist. 

When Susan is not traveling and teaching, she lives at home with her husband Mike in Moseley, Virginia. They have three adult children Muriah, Alyssa and Chance.


Trish McLaughlin 

Trish is the petite blogger and maker behind Trish Stitched. Her passion for sewing started when she was an impatient teenager who couldn't find clothes to fit properly. 

After years of being the only one in high school to still shop in the children's section of a store, she learned to sew on her mom's Janome. She studied Fashion, Costume Design and Business at Montclair State University in New Jersey where her love of sewing continued to grow. 

Trish now lives in Hoboken, NJ with her boyfriend where she spends her days sewing handbags for her Etsy shop and apparel for her wardrobe. On weekends, she works on her parent's farm where she gets her love for florals and color.


Violet Craft

Violet is a licensed designer for Michael Miller Fabrics and distributes her own line of sewing patterns. She is also a mother, wife, friend and maker.

Violet was born in the Old West where she pursued her education in business/finance. The start of Violet's career in software development brought her to the Pacific Northwest where she married her husband, bought her first home and stitched it all together. The birth of Violet's first daughter compelled her to leave the corporate world and seek out her passion.

Violet's children's apparel line Kung Fu Bambini reached boutiques in 2004. Her first fabric collecton debuted with Michael Miller Fabrics in 2011 along with the first Violet Craft Distinctive Lifestyle Sewing Patterns

Influenced by her former career, Violet teaches sewing and design workshops. 

Visit www.violetcraft.com to see her work!




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