Snowstorm Skirt

Created By: Nancy Fiedler - Janome Educator
Skill Level: Intermediate

The Snowstorm Skirt uses a lot of decorative stitches and techniques to create a one of a kind garment. By using the same color thread on fabric, you can create a texture that resembles snow. For the best results, you'll want to use a 9mm width machine so that you can acheive the biggest, most bold decorative stitches.

Janome Supplies Required
  • Any Janome 9mm Sewing Machine
  • Any Janome serger
  • Ribbon/Sequin foot G
  • Beading foot
  • Satin Stitch foot F
  • Janome Embroidery Thread 800m color 001 white and 253 ivory white
  • Artistic Metallic Thread color 391 pearl and 002 pure silver
  • 6-7 Janome prewound bobbins
  • Blue tip and Purple tip needles
  • Artistic Press
Fabric and Notions Required

Fabric/Notions Required:

  • Any pencil skirt pattern
  • Linen type fabric in yardage recommended
  • Zipper and notions according to the pattern
  • 2 yards Jenny Haskins Sheer Magic Plus
  • 2-4 yards each of assorted trims i.e. sequin, fringe, ribbon, and beads


Fabric Preparation

  1. Following manufacturer’s directions, fuse Sheer Magic Plus to wrong side of fabric.
  2. Cut out only facings or waistband pieces.
  3. Lay remaining fabric on flat surface and draw 3-5 gently waving lines across the width of the fabric.

At the Machine

  1. Thread machine with a prewound bobbin, and embroidery thread. Attach satin stitch foot F.
  2. Select multiple zigzag.  Adjust Width 9mm Length 3mm

  3. Sew a decorative trim on the drawn lines.
  4. Add additional waving rows of decorative trims varying the waves for a random look and never crossing a previous row.
  5. Attach the ribbon sequin foot and choose a decorative stitch to add extra detail to ribbons

  6. After all the trims have been applied, select a decorative stitch, line up the edge of the satin stitch foot and sew a row of stitches, stop and lock off when the stitches reach a row of trim.

  7. Continue filling the fabric spaces with a variety of decorative stitches using a variety of white and metallic color threads. Cover the entire fabric with stitches and trims.



  1. Press the embellished fabric from the wrong side.
  2. Cut out the skirt front and back.
  3. Serge the sides edges of the front and back to create a smooth seamline and to secure ends of the trims.
  4. Construct the skirt according to the pattern directions.
  5. Press finished skirt from the wrong side.


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