Square in a square with Applique

Author: Muriel Jones

Square in a Square AppliqueThis adorable quilt block is easy to make – and perfect for your Valentine! The base is a square in a square, which is a wonderful block for showcasing some center appliqué. We chose a heart to commemorate Valentine’s Day, but you can use any shape. See our instructions for making this block in various sizes – make in your favorite size for a pillow, quilt, tablerunner, or more!

First, identify the finished size of your block. (The size you want your block when it is sewn into your project.) Add ½” to this, for seam allowances. This is the size you will cut your center, main square. (We made a 6” finished block, so cut our main square at 6 ½”.)

Divide the finished size of your block in half. Then add ½” to this for seam allowances. You will cut 4 squares this size for the corners. (For our 6” finished block, we cut our corner squares at 3 ½”.)

Draw a diagonal line on the back of your corner squares.

Place a corner square right sides together in one corner of you main square, aligning the diagonal line as shown.

Stitch on the diagonal line. Trim seam allowance to ¼”. Press toward the darker fabric.

Following the instructions above, place a corner square on the remaining three corners.

Use your block as a guide to draw a heart on the paper, so that it fits within the center of the square in a square block. Cut out the heart. Trace the heart onto the back, paper side, of the fusible web. Cut out the heart. Placing the rough side against the wrong side of your appliqué fabric, iron in place. Cut out around the Appli-Fuse. Peel off backing. Place the heart in the center of the Snowball Block.

Using stitch of choice (we used a blanket stitch), stitch appliqué in place.

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