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By: devilcat
Posts: 2012
I am really annoyed with Janome. I just received an email telling me to go to my Janome dealer and possibly win a prize. Upon reading further, it states that this contest is open to U.S. Residents only. I live in Canada.
Why was this email sent to me if I am not eligible to enter. Really bad business practice. I looked at Contact Us to send an email about this. Contact Us is a complete misnomer as it does not allow for any contact or comments.
Terrible way to run a business and bad public relations!!!

  1. RE: contest

    Jacquie, Don't be to annoyed. With the World Wide Web, we are allowed to access things all over the world and Janome is no exception. You may have signed up for something on, the US site as opposed to, which is us here in Canada. Our contests aren't available to US customers either. I know of a few that go on to our site as Liz does some pretty awesome blog posts, as well as a few others do as well.

    Posted: Mar 24 2017 By: CherylAnn
  2. RE: contest

    I received that email too....and can't enter, so know how you feel.

    You could always send an email to Janome and let them know you aren't happy.

    Posted: Mar 25 2017 By: SewingNana
  3. RE: contest

    Contacting customer relations at Janome is an exercise
    in futility. Contacting the head office in Japan is the worst. They are very dismissive. I get the impression that customer satisfaction is the least of their priorities. I understand that not all contests are open to everybody because of differing regulations. My main objection is the poor organization and management which sendsthe email when the .ca at the end of my address clearly shows that I am in Canada. This could be easily filtered out.

    Posted: Mar 25 2017 By: devilcat
  4. RE: contest

    Jacquie, how do think we in Europe feel, it's like we don't exist and should be grateful we are allowed to own a Janome product. Cheryl, I signed up for the Janome UK news sheet and guess what, it's linked directly to Janome USA.
    Posted: Mar 27 2017 By: digimad2
  5. RE: contest

    Well Maggie, if Theresa May has her way, the situation will only get worse. But that is not a topic for the forum. Do you know who the biggest customer is?

    Posted: Mar 27 2017 By: devilcat
  6. RE: contest

    In the English speaking market America accounts for approximately 90 percent of Janome sales. It was higher a few years ago but a much stronger sales drive in UK and mainland Europe have had an effect. Add to that Janome Japan is focusing more on the growing Asian and Russian market as the English speaking market is no longer seen as the most lucrative one, in other words the west is seen as a declining market place. Content is edited
    Posted: Mar 28 2017 By: digimad2
  7. RE: contest

    Where do we find out the results of the drawing held on March 27, 2017 for all those machines. I sure could use one.
    Posted: Mar 28 2017 By: 2blue
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