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By: Katiesmachine
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Graceful Gray Bobbin
My daughter got a graceful gray sewing machine for Christmas. It's super noisy and now it's not sewing. It has difficulty pulling the bobbin thread up and it rattles and shakes when sewing. It doesn't stitch most of the time and when it does the thread is crazy loopy on the bottom. It definitely seems to be a bobbin issue. It's rattly and noisy and doesn't seem to be functioning. I have used other thread, used other fabric, replaced the needle, re-made bobbins, tried different bobbins, rethread the thing a hundred million times. I know it's under warranty but I got it on Amazon and I'm not sure how that works. Our local store says it's only under warranty if I bought it from them and with it being a $70 machine, I'm not really wanting to spend that to fix it. Any suggestions?

  1. RE: Graceful Gray Bobbin

    I am in the same situation with the machine my daughter got for Christmas. Today I was quoted $90 for the local shop to even look at it, that is more than what I paid. I noticed that there is a year warranty on it, but it costs to ship it back.
    Posted: Jul 12 2017 By: Teemlk
  2. RE: Graceful Gray Bobbin

    Dump it. Buying anything on line is taking a chance especially something like a sewing machine. Try the trouble shooting section in the manual but this rattling and jumping does not sound like user error but something mechanically broken or loose. Did it ever work properly? For how long?
    You can buy a basic decent quality used machine from a dealer for not a huge amount of money and they will give you some kind of warranty.
    Posted: Jul 12 2017 By: devilcat
  3. RE: Graceful Gray Bobbin

    I agree - If you only paid $70 for the machine and a service is $90 - think about what you could have had from a dealer for $160 - at least twice as much. It costs a lot for repair so it's wise to do your homework before purchasing something that you want to work for a long time - repairs aren't cheap. We pay at least $130 just to have a working machine serviced. Technicians aren't there for the benefit of their health but to make a living, just like the rest of us.

    Posted: Jul 18 2017 By: CherylAnn
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