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By: CherylAnn
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New CoverPro 2000
I recently purchased the CoverPro 2000 and gave my 11 year old CP1000 to my daughter in law and granddaughter. I love this new machine and maybe feel a twinge of guilt that my lovely 11 (almost 12) year old Ava is going to have to learn on that older model. The improvement that Janome has developed in those 11 years is phenomenal or maybe I just didn't get the hang of finding the correct tension. Whatever, I'm in love with the new one. Anyone thinking about getting this machine for Cover hemming you won't be disappointed with its performance.


  1. RE: New CoverPro 2000

    Congrations on your new machine. While I didn't have any problems with my original CP1000, the 2000CPX is definitely better due to the updated tension etc.

    Don't feel guilty, in all honesty I don't think it hurts anyone to know and understand how tension works, even though new model machines all have auto-tension these days.

    Remember way back when we were told to 'never' adjust tension? My father caught me making a slight tension adjustment on the family sewing machine one day and (as usual) went off his brain!! So adjusting tensions gives me a feeling of empowerment.

    Have fun with your new CoverPro. ;-)

    Posted: Jun 11 2017 By: SewingNana
  2. RE: New CoverPro 2000

    Since my old CoverPro just moved over a neighbourhood in my city, and now belongs to my son's family, I know that I may get called upon to help out with that tension. However, my daughter in law is such a capable woman that she may figure things out that I never even thought about. I know it will get used and even my 11 year old Ava will use it as she makes her own athletic wear for Baton Twirling with that horrible very stretchy fabric that many of us love to use special sewing words when we work with it. At this tender age, this child does extremely well and is so skilled and talented. I'm so glad that I was able to be her first sewing teacher when she was just 5 years old. I'm blessed in having 7 granddaughters and 6 grandsons. Some of the boys are even sewing a bit.
    The granddaughters always ask "When can I come to learn to sew at your house, Grandma?" It takes some work to schedule as these children and their parents are so busy these days.

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    Posted: Jun 11 2017 By: CherylAnn
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