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CoverPro 2000 Tips/Tricks/Help
I recently purchased the new CoverPro...and as much as I love this machine, I know I could love it more. On each piece I sew I tend to ALWAYS gets skips. And forget even trying to go faster than a turtles pace cause that causes even more skips. So wondering if anyone can offer tips/tricks/advice on how to prevent this. I work with knits about 90% of the time.
1) I get skips just randomly. If I have a thinner knit I will use a seam tape for a little more stability.
2) I can not go that fast on anything or that makes the skips worse. I usually have to go painfully slow.
3) When I have thicker seams, the looper thread is always missed. I have tried the tricks of snipping the seams a bit to lay them opposite directions but I still tend to get lots of missed looper stitches on the thicker seams.

Right now these are my main frustrations. So any help would be appreciated. I really have so much planned for this machine, but I hate to start working on bigger projects cause I spend more time fixing skipped stitches right now. So Please PLEASE any advice would be great!!!

  1. RE: CoverPro 2000 Tips/Tricks/Help

    Sounds like you are not using the correct needle. CP's use ELx705 with SUK (ballpoint) tip. Regular ELx's are Ok with woven fabrics but you will need SUK's for knit fabrics.

    I bought mine in bulk from Diamond Needle in NJ and even though I had to pay international post they were still much cheaper, but check other sources because that's quite a few years ago and back then they were the only supplier who would ship internationally...maybe others do now.

    Bulk packs contain 100 needles and I bought the three sizes (to spread postage costs) and shared the order with another person so I ended up with 50 of each size. Buying in packs of 5 becomes quite expensive....but do what suits you and your budget.

    I've never had skipped stitches in either my 1000CP (since sold) or my current 2000CPX.

    Hope this helps? ;-)
    Posted: Jul 07 2017 By: SewingNana
  2. RE: CoverPro 2000 Tips/Tricks/Help

    I think you need to stabilize your fabric. You only need a narrow strip that will sew between your hem and top fabric. My friend called me yesterday in panic as she had changed her thread colour and couldn't understand why her machine wasn't stitching correctly and had skipped stitches. As it turned out she was using a 4way stretch that was really stretching and wanted to get her t-shirt completed. She had followed the directions in threading and so did I, when DA…, I remembered the stylizer trick. Her first fabric wasn't so stretchy so it worked - (she still should have stabilized). That was why she was confused.

    As for sewing over the bulky seams - did you use the lever and pull it forward as you were sewing into the seam and then releasing it when you got over the hump. Now this might depend on what fabric and how thick it is when you come up to the hump. I only use my Cover Pro to hem t-shirts, but I'm going to try it on a skirt, when I get around to sewing it up.

    If you can give us more details on what you are sewing more specific help can come your way.

    Posted: Jul 18 2017 By: CherylAnn
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