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By: quiltfan
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thread braking - thread cutting too short -9400
Dear all,
I have problems with my thread braking during normal piecing work. I use Smetz needle and Aurifil thread oranje or green bobbin. My thread breaks, or if I use the cutter on the machine, it cuts my thread so short that it comes out of the needle. I can not sew even 5 minutes, very frustrating.When I use the same needle, same yarn, same cotton fabric on my Janome 8900, or even my little Janome, everything goes fine.
I got the advice to put my bobbin the other way around.
I tried this and my thread does not seem to brake any more and my thread is not cut to short. It is far from logic to put your bobbin in the other way around, but it seems to work.
Has any else had the same problems and how did you solve it? All tips are wellcome. Thank you.


  1. RE: thread braking - thread cutting too short -9400

    Your 9400 may be more fussy about compatibility than your 8900. Try using Janome (made by Organ) needles, red tipped, blue tipped and if skipped stitches are a problem, purple tipped. It might be helpful to use Janome bobbins too. If your thread constantly breaks, it could mean that the needle (upper) tension is too tight. Try reducing by increments and see if it helps.
    Check your manual to see how to adjust the length of thread left when you use the cutter. Be sure to click OK after adjusting or it will revert to default.
    One last thing, and forgive me for stating the obvious. Give the bobbin area a good cleaning - remove the bobbin and bobbin race to do this. These are precision machines and even a small build-up of fluff can throw the works out of kilter especially when the hems are narrow.
    Please let us know how you solve your problem as it is helpful to others using the forum.
    Posted: Oct 29 2017 By: devilcat
  2. RE: thread braking - thread cutting too short -9400

    Sorry Devil cat,

    I meant Aurifil spool, not bobbin.
    My 9400 is brandnew.
    Tried Janome red needle and Metz needle, changed tension, no difference, same problem.From the very first minutes I started to sew.
    I did not see in the manual that one could select the length of the thread to be cut.
    Posted: Oct 29 2017 By: quiltfan
  3. RE: thread braking - thread cutting too short -9400


    You may need to take your machine in to have the thread cut adjusted. It might be that there isn't enough thread to hold it from unthreading when you begin to sew after using the cut. I've never had this happen, but I know that the thread cut is a fine tuning thing from doing machine embroidery where we get automatic thread cuts when that is selected in our settings. Check all the settings to see if you can make this adjustment at home before you trek your machine into your dealer.

    Posted: Oct 29 2017 By: CherylAnn
  4. RE: thread braking - thread cutting too short -9400

    Dear Cheryl,
    Also the thread comes out of the lower thread guide and out of needle bar thread guide.
    I already went to the dealer. Without a solution coming from Janome Japan, the only advice I got was to place the spool the other way around. I can not imagine that every user of a Janome 9400 has to put their spool the other way around.I have tried sewing this way, it seems to work, but I do not think this is normal.
    Furthermore when I use the professional grade foot HP, I can take the thread out of the fabric with one jerk. Using the same needle, fabric, thread but sewing with foot A, I can not pull the thread out. When you compare the automatic thread tension using foot A and foot HP, there is a big difference in tension, whilst in both cases only a simple straight stitch is selected. I do not understand why there is such a big difference in tension. I like Janome sewing machines but when something goes wrong, it is very hard to get a solution to solve the problem.
    Posted: Oct 31 2017 By: quiltfan
  5. RE: thread braking - thread cutting too short -9400

    I don't think that anyone on the forum will be able to help you. This is a "consumer's user" forum - not Janome. There may be some dealer's or their staff that come on form time to time but they'd need to see your machine in order to fix it. Your recourse is to go back to your dealer and show them what is happening. Thread it for them, so that they can correct you if there is something you just may be missing. Try to be patient so as not to get them upset - that wouldn't be good for anyone and you most of all, if they get their back-up. I'm just suggesting this as I have a friend you has really ticked off our dealer and things aren't good for her now. You do need to be firm with your problem and if you don't get satisfaction, contact Janome through this website. I think that there is just something that isn't adjusted correctly and that once you get that solved you'll once again be a happy camper.

    Posted: Nov 01 2017 By: CherylAnn
  6. RE: thread braking - thread cutting too short -9400

    Hi Cheryl,

    Thank you very much for your advice. I just wanted to include that I have no conflict with my dealer. My dealer and I want nothing more than a solution, and answers to our questions. Hope solutions will come though.
    Posted: Nov 02 2017 By: quiltfan
  7. RE: thread braking - thread cutting too short -9400

    Quiltfan, Your dealer is the best - I was only suggesting "tone of voice, etc." because I have a good friend with the "P" machine - our dealer carries many brands and I think she got a total lemon when she bought her TOL 3-4 years ago. It didn't work right out of the box. She had it back to our dealer within a few months and it spent as much time there as in her home - maybe more. There was and still is much frustration for both parties, but the dollar that crossed the table into the till was the deal breaker. My friend, eventually SETTED for a machine 2 levels down, still TOL, but much older technology and she is P.O'd to say the least. She is now looking at a Brother or BabyLock. Both are good machines but the plastic parts that are cosmetic are really crappy. Why I notice these things I'm not sure, but if you have the opportunity look at one, and I mean the top of the line. Check out the thread path and the lid and see how flimsy those are - then look at the Janome - your 9400 and the 15000 and you'll understand what I'm saying.

    I have digressed. My friend I'm sure used "the tone" in her voice with our dealer and I think she will never get satisfaction from her again. I'm not sure that I would have approached things differently, but I may also be in a different financial position and would have just traded the bugger that didn't work in for a different brand. That is also easier said than done, as we create loyalties to brands and what is compatible in our sewing room. Most of the ladies I hang around with for sewing have way more machines than we can ever use in a life time. We keep the old ones and then have "carry to class" machines that are lighter. I even have 2 embroidery machines - the 15000 and the Skyline S9 to take out for my embroidery club classes.

    Posted: Nov 02 2017 By: CherylAnn
  8. RE: thread breaking - thread cutting too short -9400

    One last suggestion. Thread your machine, use the same settings as the ones which give you grief. Do not use the foot control as you cannot sew slowly enough to pinpoint the moment the thread breaks. Turn the flywheel slowly towards you and observe what happens and where. You may have to try this more than once as there are many parts to watch -the correct size disc placed facing the correct way holding the thread onto the spool- the thread unwinding from the spool- the thread travelling from the top along its path to the needle - the needle penetration and withdrawal. Some threads behave better if placed vertical (use a thread net) instead of horizontal.
    When you find the solution, please let us know as this will help other users.

    Good Luck

    Posted: Nov 02 2017 By: devilcat
  9. RE: thread braking - thread cutting too short -9400

    Thank you very much for your advice. As soon as I know more I will come back with the results.
    Posted: Nov 03 2017 By: quiltfan
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