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Janome MC 15000 Upgrade Version 3
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I went to YouTube to see the new MC15000 QuiltMaker. My dealer said there was no difference between it and mine, which I purchased about 2 years ago. I wanted to see if this was in fact the case.
A dealer on YouTube talked about the new additions to this as compared to mine. At the end of her talk she said that Janome has a Version 3 upgrade for those of us with the older MC 15000 machines and that part of it entails taking your machine back to the dealer. The reason being that it includes replacing the automatic threader. I believe she mentioned the dealer having to upgrade the software as well.
There is also an upgrade kit we can purchase that has multiple feet for the 15000 and if I remember correctly, another faceplate for the machine, making a total of 3 faceplates for the the MC15000 and I think 6 or 7 feet.
The dealer didn't say when the updates for our machines would be available nor the kit of feet. Has anyone out there gotten the upgrade to their machine and/or purchased the upgrade foot kit? If so can you tell me what the cost was for the kit? Did your dealer charge to to do the upgrade to your machine? Here is a link to the youtube site I am referring to. iREpvC0I

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    This update was released in late August, and available to me in Canada in October. My cost way $189 and that included a full machine maintenance cleaning. What was free, was the needle threader and a new foot shank for the drop off feet and a new "P" embroidery foot. We needed to return the machine with those 2 items as they go back to Janome. The "Kit" included the new high performance (HP) needle plate and the HP foot. This foot is absolutely wonderful as it is exactly ¼" in width and the needle plate is a single hole to accommodate this foot and does a wonderful job of sewing that "accurate" straight line stitching that quilters desire - and other sewists want as well. That foot also makes sewing around curves easier too. It is the cheapest upgrade I've ever had since I started with my first embroidery machine the MC 10000 13 or so years ago. Well worth the cost in my opinion.

    Posted: Nov 09 2017 By: CherylAnn
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