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By: pennymae
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ruler work
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I am a member of a Face book group for the 9400QCP - there is much talk about the use of a ruler foot for this machine. Does Janome ever plan on coming out with one that can be use on this machine. The support area used to have a moderator from Janome that would answer questions - guess they cut that person.

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    The forum changed dramatically about 2 years ago and unfortunately, not for the better in my opinion. I've been using it for years and there used to be many come on to help, but that isn't the case anymore. We have no place to report inappropriate posts ie: advertising that has nothing to do with machines and/or sewing. However, you can use the "Contact Us" and make sure you put in your email address as someone will get back to you as soon as they can - be patient as there are not many staff for all of North American. Your best place for getting service should be your dealer. Hopefully they can help you, or visit another dealer in your travels and ask as many questions as you can. Everyone has their speciality and someone will usually help.

    Posted: Nov 20 2017 By: CherylAnn
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    Just thought of something - when the 15000 Quilt Maker was launched, there was an upgrade for the rest of us that had the 15000. In our upgrade kit that we had to buy there is a "Ruler Foot" and as we now have the HP system that you already had on the 9400, that foot should fit your machine - BUT do check with your dealer to be sure. I have it and know that I am NEVER likely going to use it.

    Posted: Nov 20 2017 By: CherylAnn
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    Thanks Cheryl - at least I know someone is reading it. Janome has changed the last couple years and not for the better. I sometimes wonder if I should have spent the money for this machine. My dealer is almost 50 miles away and I work nights so trips to them is rare. I personally will probably just work on my free motion quilting. I don't just make quilts so the added expense right now isn't justified. I have bought just about every foot attachmen one can get. I am hoping this will be last machine. I will just keep my ear to the blogs and see what everyone else is doing. Thanks again.
    Posted: Nov 20 2017 By: pennymae
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    I also have the Horizon 9400 QCP. I just purchased the Quilt Like a Pro Class Kit by Sew Steady, as recommended by my dealer. It includes a ruler foot, 7 templates and a cross hair square and 2 dvds offering instruction. I am having fun playing around with the templates and ruler foot. I highly recommend this kit but it is pricey. Good luck!
    Posted: Feb 05 2018 By: PeggyT
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