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sewing kit
Hi! I just bought a model 7318 Janome machine for my 2 granddaughters and am looking for a recommendation for a sewing kit that I can send to them. Please advise. Thank you.

  1. RE: sewing kit

    The best gift for a sewer is a quality pair of scissors. Include a warning never to let anyone else use them (they will like this) and never cut anything other than thread and fabric. These will last a lifetime. A package of needles (Janome or Organ), a box of Janome bobbins and a cheque or gift certificate so that they can purchase patterns, fabric and matching thread (suggest you advise them to get Gutermann polyester.
    If you live close enough, you can also give the a "gift certificate" of your time to cover shopping, advice and lessons.
    Posted: Nov 27 2017 By: devilcat
  2. RE: sewing kit

    You don't give an age for your grand daughters, so a sewing caddy to keep their sewing tools like tape measure, snips, box of pins, quick unpick etc in. Download and print a project from the Janome project pages e/projects/
    use that to put together a kit and include the print out for them to follow.
    Posted: Nov 28 2017 By: digimad2
  3. RE: sewing kit

    Maggie, Great advice about getting a container for all the bits and bobs. I find that the best (and half the price) are small tool chests or fishing tackle boxes available in hardware stores. One with a lift-out drawer is ideal. I also use a lazy-susan thingy with layered sections on my sewing desk into which I put scissors, snippers, rippers etc. It keeps everything within reach when I am at the machine. I got this at an office supply store.

    Posted: Nov 28 2017 By: devilcat
  4. RE: sewing kit

    Years ago my step dad made me a sewing box, one of the cantilever type, I think he was trying to encourage me to forsake all the tomboy pursuits I enjoyed. I didn't use it as a sewing box but it made a great container for marbles, conkers, catapults and yo-yos. For most of my sewing related tools I buy tradesmen tool boxes, for my sewing caddies to hold items I need for a project I'm working on I use plastic food containers, the type the supermarkets use for meat, fruit, ready meals. I give them a darn good scrub then stack them and grab one to sit beside my machine. I tell myself I'll make a proper fabric one, but time passes so quickly I still haven't made one.
    Posted: Nov 28 2017 By: digimad2
  5. RE: sewing kit

    I wonder how many North Americans know what conkers are?

    Posted: Nov 29 2017 By: devilcat
  6. RE: sewing kit

    Jacquie - enlighten this Canadian as to what "conkers" are?

    Posted: Dec 01 2017 By: CherylAnn
  7. RE: sewing kit rs

    I was the school Conker champion 2 years running.
    Posted: Dec 01 2017 By: digimad2
  8. RE: sewing kit

    A conker is a horse-chestnut (non-edible). It is between 1-2" in diameter when the outer covering is removed. It is a beautiful, shiny, cinnamon colour. We would drill a hole through it and thread a strong piece of string between 12-15" long through the hole and tie a knot at the bottom. The game was played by one person dangling their conker by the string and the other whacking it with their conker. If you broke it, you won. We had recipes to make our conkers break resistant.. My favourite was to soak it in vinegar and water.

    Jacquie Content is edited
    Posted: Dec 01 2017 By: devilcat
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