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By: hemetlady
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Circuit board crashed
How many of you have had the unfortunate experience with your machine (8900QCP) that I have.
My machine was skipping stitches - when the 1/4" button was pushed - the screen was not lighting up.
Took it in -- diagnosis: crashed circuit board - this is the 6th machine he has waiting for circuit boards. They told me that it might be 2-3 months to get it repaired.
I'm really not happy with this situation especially since I have several quilts for Christmas that need to be done.
Do any of you have this situation?
Who can we complain to - regarding getting the boards shipped so our machines can be repaired.

  1. RE: Circuit board crashed

    I don't think it matters to whom you complain. You will probably be ignored.

    You might consider contacting Consumer Affairs at your Provincial/State/Federal govt.

    Good luck.
    Posted: Nov 29 2017 By: devilcat
  2. RE: Circuit board crashed

    I know that your situation is very bad. I don't think that there is anywhere that a complaint will be heard. Why I say this would be that technology fails in everything. You unfortunately are is a bad place especially at this time of the year (not that anytime is good). Janome is not the only company that has an issue - there are other sewing companies that are impossible to deal with. I have a friend that traded her top of the line embroidery machine that was about 4 year old technology for a working 6-8year older technology to have a working machine as the repair to her newer one was so expensive without a guarantee that the "fix" would even work; and to add insult to injury the machine she settled for has been back into the dealer for repair again for about the 4th time in as many months. We have the same dealer as many brands come out of that store.

    Janome does send repairs from Japan, but only when they have a container full to ship - that is reality as much as we hate hearing it. Shipping costs have become so hight that everyone is looking for something better and we don't seem to be getting that "better".

    Perhaps your dealer would give you a loner machine to do your Christmas orders.

    Posted: Dec 01 2017 By: CherylAnn
  3. RE: Circuit board crashed

    On another note. I'm hearing wonderful reviews on the 6700 - it doesn't have as much "harp" space, but it is a machine rated as "semi-industrial". Now the computer components are still computer components, but there is much more mechanical parts to this particular machine. The 6500 & 6600 that are machines that came on the Arc, and the 6700 is the refreshed and updated model of those machines that still tick away in the homes of folks that have them - mine being one, but now in my Daughter in law's home. My grand daughter aged 12 loves it.

    Posted: Dec 01 2017 By: CherylAnn
  4. RE: Circuit board crashed

    On the facebook site I belong to a user had a circuit board crash. Going to cost her 350 - so much for warranty. I think this is going to be the last Janome I purchase. If this goes out I will bit the bullet and go Brother or Bernina. I really wanted a Phaff but there isn't a dealer closer than 100 miles. If they spent as much money on advertising on customer service people might not be so unhappy. Content is edited
    Posted: Dec 01 2017 By: pennymae
  5. RE: Circuit board crashed


    Don't blame Janome - My friend had a $10,000 Pfaff and out of the box it didn't work correctly. Four years in, she traded back a model or two for a used machine as the failure of her machine was so great and NO GUARNTEE after a year or two. It is a fact of life that warranty is only as good as the paper it is written on and that burns up very quickly. It doesn't matter what the item, a TV, Car or computer. Sometimes there is extended warranty offered, but it is very expensive. We just did this for a TV we purchased from Visions as we got such a good deal on the TV that the sales person needed to make something after all he needs to live too.

    Posted: Dec 12 2017 By: CherylAnn
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