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By: tscalici
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Now topstitching problems!

  1. Now topstitching problems!

    OK...I conquered the pressure foot problems to my Horizon 770. Now, can someone tell me how to topstitch without having a yoke to bunch up? Apparently, the needle will not move through the thickness of fabric... I've adjusted the pressure foot and used larger stitches...still no luck. I did put thin paper underneath and had a little luck...I wonder if there's another trick that I don't know about...
    Posted: Aug 27 2012 By: tscalici
  2. Now topstitching problems!

    Do you have your dual feed engaged?

    Posted: Aug 27 2012 By: MOM
  3. Now topstitching problems!

    Should I? Will that help?
    Posted: Aug 28 2012 By: tscalici
  4. Now topstitching problems!

    You may need to have your feed dogs adjusted.
    Posted: Aug 28 2012 By: oddduck25
  5. Now topstitching problems!

    Started using the dual feed and was successful...I had an old memory craft years ago and this was never a problem. I guess with the thickness of this project the dual feed is necessary for this stitch. If this is the case, I guess I should use for all decorative stitches. Now my question is should I invest into a smaller foot for more control? Thanks for your help!
    Posted: Aug 28 2012 By: tscalici
  6. Now topstitching problems!

    There are a number of dual feed feet for the 7700. the regular, the open toe and the 1/4 inch. I use the open toe foot when I do my decorative stitches. Now remember when you use the single hole plate the dual feed engagement may not always be compatible with some of the decorative stitches.

    Posted: Aug 28 2012 By: MOM
  7. Now topstitching problems!

    When you use the single hole plate you cannot do decorative stitches as those are zigzag related and need the 7 mm width to sew. Be careful that you don't break the APC on you 7700 or it may not sew at all.

    I don't use the acufeed system at al for decorative stitching, but I use the "F" foot of the border guide foot as there is space under it for the thread to feed through as it creates thickness and sometimes the "A" or regular foot catches on the stitches and the fabric won't feed correctly.

    Posted: Aug 28 2012 By: CherylAnn
  8. Now topstitching problems!

    Cheryl you can still use the dual feed foot but not engage the single hole . It works great in the mode just like a walking foot for decorative stitches.

    Posted: Aug 29 2012 By: MOM
  9. Now topstitching problems!

    I don't plan to engage the single hole at all. I'm very secure without it when sewing children's clothing. I just have to learn the proper settings. Like quilting, certain children projects can get thick. I love the accufeed foot but think the open toe maybe easier to manipulate...not sure. Only one foot came with my machine and would like to have another one. Do you recommend the Open toe accufeed foot or should I stick to the regular attachments that are with the machine? Thank you for your advice and expertise
    Posted: Sep 14 2012 By: tscalici
  10. Now topstitching problems!

    There are a number of accufeed feet that should have been included with your machine.

    The manual only features the regualr foot. I guess my dealer included the rest. There is an open toe and a 1/4 inch accufeed feet. I use the 1/4 inch and the regular quite often so it is a matter of choice what you may like best. I have never had an issue with thickness so it is hard to tell what would work best.

    Posted: Sep 14 2012 By: MOM
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