Software Lessons

Create A Motif

1. Click New icon.

2. Click on the down arrow for Hoop Selection and select the ST (126 x 110).

3. Click Single Run Line icon. Following the diagram use the appropriate mouse clicks (R=Right and L=Left) in numerical order. Press Enter to complete the object. Press Esc to end the function.

4. Select the object and now resize it until it fits inside one grid line.

5. Zoom in around the object.
6. Select Embroidery from the menu. From the drop down list, click on Make Motif. Click New. Type in "My Motifs". Click OK.

7. Type in "001" as the Motif Name. Click in the Remove Functions box. Click OK.
Note: Removing the Functions is important if you want to be able to apply your own color to the motif when it is used in a design. If you don't check Remove Functions then the motif will always remain the color that it was originally created with.

8. Look down at the Status Bar in the bottom left corner, you ar being asked to "Digitize First Reference Point". Click on the left horizontal black handle. You will now be asked to "Digitize Second Reference Point". Click on the right horizontal black handle.

9. You will now be notified that the motif has been created. Click OK.

10. Zoom back out to view the whole hoop.
11. Delete the object from the hoop. Press DEL on your keyboard.
12. Click on Flyout triangle of Parallel Weave Fill Rectangle. 

13. Click Parallel Motif Fill Rectangle icon. Position the cursor somewhere in the top left of the hoop and drag a box down towards the bottom right of the hoop. Press Esc to end the function.

14. Click to select the object. Right click and than click Object Details.
15. Click Select button to right of Pattern Set. Click on the down arrow of Symbol Set and click My Motifs. As we hae only one motif at present, select "001". Click Make Current.

16. Leave all settiongs as their defaults. Click OK.
17. Click Save icon. Locate your Digitizer Lessons folder. Save the file as "Round the Twist". Click Save.

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