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By: ewist7
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Buttonhole Issue - Need Help
Hi everyone! So I am having a ton of difficulty with my buttonhole setting. I have a Jem Platinum 760 machine.

The problem that I'm having is that I go to start my buttonhole with it on the sensor buttonhole setting with the buttonhole lever down, I start running the machine and it sews the bartack and then sews in the same spot for a while and then "bl" pops up and won't let me sew anymore. I also seems to want to sew the left side going forward rather than backwards.

If anyone can help that would be greatly appreciated! Thank you

  1. RE: Buttonhole Issue - Need Help

    When you pull the BL down make sure it is down there firmly. For some reason it is not holding its position and popping back up. A trip to the dealer may be required.
    Posted: Oct 18 2015 By: devilcat
  2. RE: Buttonhole Issue - Need Help

    I am pulling it firmly down but its still not working and there is no dealer even remotely close to me
    Posted: Oct 18 2015 By: ewist7
  3. RE: Buttonhole Issue - Need Help

    Hello, I am noticing that we have the same buttonhole problems on about 4 different older models of Janome. . I have the 4623LE which came out in 2002 and am having all the problems mentioned in every other question about button hole issues. Seems odd to me that there would be so many different models all having the same type of buttonhole problem. Is it the machines, or, the R foot that is the problem?
    Posted: Nov 16 2015 By: alphawolf
  4. RE: Buttonhole Issue - Need Help

    Have you tried a different buttonhole? I think the sensor buttonhole is the one that goes into memory and doesn't need the lever down, but I could be mistaken. I never use the sensor buttonhole as I found the other buttonholes to be better. I have the 760, but it is collecting dust as I have a newer 4120 that has a thread cutter - I got spoiled with my big machines having the auto cutter. The machine is a very good little guy and you should be able to get a good buttonhole. When you go to a city or town with a dealer - I suggest making an appointment to have it serviced - it probably just needs a little tweaking.

    Posted: Jun 21 2016 By: CherylAnn
  5. RE: Buttonhole Issue - Need Help

    I am having the same problem, button hole lever won't stay down. I am more than 300 miles from a servicer. Did anyone ever come up with a solution to this problem?
    Posted: Oct 25 2020 By: ruthcollins
  6. RE: Buttonhole Issue - Need Help

    Ruth, You didn't mention specifically which Janome model that is giving you the buttonhole problem. The sensor buttonhole is one that you test and it will memorize the settings you use to continue making more buttonholes in the same session that the sewing machine is powered on. You loose the setting once the sewing machine is turned off on most models that aren't computerized.

    Do you have a stabilization plate, which comes with the buttonhole "R" foot on some models and definitely the middle to expensive models. If you do have it USE IT. there should be some videos on the Janome Channel on YouTube or even this website. This stabilizer plate keeps the fabric stable while stitching done to make the buttonhole. It is also suggest to use a piece of stabilizer so that the stitches form nicely - a wash-away is best for this as you can spritz it with a spare bottle and the stabilizer is gone. Also for stability an iron-on interfacing between the two layers of fabric is good. If it's a blouse or shirt, you'd have this iron-on or some interfacing at the button/buttonhole edge anyway, so more shouldn't be necessary. Always do a practice buttonhole on the same fabric or a similar if you don't have a scrap left and treat the sample exactly as the garment you are place the real buttonhole onto.

    There is also an APP for iPhones and iPads that is put out by a retired dealer call "The Footbook". In it there is every foot made by Janome listed for the 5mm, 7mm and 9mm Janome machines PLUS a very good video. The APP can be found in the Apple APP Store. The developers of this software are Apple/MAC users and they only offer this APP for the iPad and iPhone at least at this time. I have this APP and a few others from this source and they are second to none.

    Posted: Oct 28 2020 By: CherylAnn
  7. RE: Buttonhole Issue - Need Help

    Thanks, everyone for this useful stuff. I would also love to share some awesome stuff:
    Posted: Dec 15 2020 By: sewgadgets314
  8. RE: Buttonhole Issue - Need Help

    You don't use the "sensor" buttonhole with the lever down. It is a buttonhole that you decide how big it should be by marking your fabric. I haven't used that setting on any machine since Janome came out with the "R" buttonhole foot and the lever to do the sizing. You put a button in the back of the foot to measure how big the buttonhole should be. There is another foot the "B" foot I think that is like the regular feet, but has a place on the back to hook a pice of cord for a corded buttonhole. It is an accessory foot that you need to purchase from your dealer. It works great using the "sensor" setting to make buttonhole with that setting.

    Posted: Dec 23 2020 By: CherylAnn
  9. RE: Buttonhole Issue - Need Help

    I've been having the same problem (just started today). I have the Magnolia 7330 model - just got it for Christmas. I did a test button hole with no issues about a week or two ago. But today I'm having issues.

    The Foot R is on firmly, the button is in the slot in the back, the machine sews the first 6-7 stitches then stops, beeps 3 times, and shows 6L or bL error code. The presser foot does nothing, I can't raise the needle. I have to turn off the machine and turn it back on, start over, and still it does the same thing.

    I can't understand what the issue is. Help!

    Posted: Feb 01 2021 By: PeggyC
  10. RE: Buttonhole Issue - Need Help

    There is a problem with your machine. A sensor could be creating the problem. Since it is brand new - take it to your dealer for repair or replacement.

    Posted: Feb 01 2021 By: CherylAnn
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