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By: mariamoraca
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extra thread from bobbin
I have a brand new HD3000 that I like so far.

Here's what I'm experiencing: when I'm done sewing a seam (straight stitch) and I pull the fabric out, there are 3 threads coming from the bobbin case. 1 is the actual bobbin thread; the other 2 threads are actually 1 longer piece that is doubled up, but comes right out when I pull.

This is NOT causing the bobbin thread to do that messy thing that looks like a nest, thankfully!

Anyone know why this is happening?

As an aside, I'm not sure if this machine is winding the bobbins correctly. I've wound 3, and they all look a little wonky. I'm a fairly new sewer, though, so far from expert in these matters.



  1. RE: extra thread from bobbin

    I don't have this machine, but here goes what I do know that might help.

    If your bobbins are "wonky" you are not winding them correctly. Check your manual and do exactly as it shows you.

    However, you may not be getting your needle in the proper position before removing your garment which might have 3 threads showing. One of the three is just a double up of the needle or the bobbin. It isn't a problem, but it might mean that your needle will become unthreaded when you try to sew the next seam and this would be frustrating for you. I think that maybe a lesson with your dealer would serve you well as you say you are just learning.

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    Posted: Jul 13 2018 By: CherylAnn
  2. RE: extra thread from bobbin

    I also have the HD3000 an have issues with the bobbin being "wonky". Sometimes it does fine and other times it doesn't wind tight even though I have followed the instructions exactly.
    Posted: Jun 29 2020 By: Netheadred
  3. RE: extra thread from bobbin

    Make sure that you are winding the bobbin correctly. Read your instruction manual, watch the bobbin winding video - you may have gotten a CD/DVD with your machine. Janome has video's on their YouTube channel to watch as well. A spongy bobbin will not work well, ask me how I know? Bobbin winding isn't rocket science, but it can be tricky, if something doesn't get started correctly.

    When I wind a bobbin, I make sure I have a long tail and I wind the thread around the bobbin 6 or 7 times clockwise, cut the thread off. There is a cutter on the little plate under where the bobbin sits for winding; you may not have this on your machine. If you don't have this then you might need to put the thread through a little hole on the top of the bobbin - hold the thread and start the bobbin winding process, after it has wound a bit of thread on the bobbin, stop and cut the thread close to the hole and continue. Check again after you've wound some more on to see if it is spongy. If it is STOP, as you will just have more problems later if you continue. Start over if this happens and if you don't get the process, go to your dealer and get a lesson. However, the videos are very good and you should find more than one. Lots of folks like to share what they learn and everyone approaches teaching a bit differently and you'll find someone that connects with you.

    However, your dealer should help you if you are stuggling with some of these basic things - you'll catch on with more experience.

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    Posted: Jul 02 2020 By: CherylAnn
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