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Blanket Stitch with heavy thread
Hi! I'm looking for ideas/help on how needle and thread choices for doing a blanket stitch with heavy thread.

I would like to make a fusion quilt, see inspiration here: 016/06/high-tea-crochet-quilt-tutor ial.html

Typically, these quilts use baby weight yarn to do the blanket stitch but I did a test square but it takes FOREVER to do it by hand with yarn.

I was thinking that maybe the blanket stitch could be done by machine with a heavy needle and thread, but I don't know what would be suitable for my machine. I have a Janome DC2019.

Any ideas or thoughts?


  1. RE: Blanket Stitch with heavy thread

    If you have some heavier weight thread and a size 16 or 18 needle, you should try a test piece. I know that this takes time, but so does a reply from the forum (I'm calling the kettle black here, as I sometimes do the same thing). Ask and you shall get an answer - well sometimes it happens.

    I think that you should be able to do something with the blanket stitch, but you need to experiment. Your machine should sew through it, but the results are what you want to check on. I think that you will want a matching thread in the bobbin, but just regular thread and use your speciality thread on top. The balance of tension is what you want to watch for and this is where the experimentation happens. Make notes of what you do, so that you have a reference for the "next" time you want to try this. I do know that you definitely do not want to put yarn through your needle or in your bobbin, as it isn't meant to go into those places.

    Let us know how you make out and what you do, when you try your stitching - it just may help another poor soul get through a test.

    Remember, experiment, experiment, experiment. Your machine should be able to take it within reason.

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