Accessory Of the Month: Ribbon Sewing Guide

Written by: Liz Thompson, National Education Manager-Canada 

The Holiday season is upon us. We will be wrapping gifts, hanging tinsel and generally making things look pretty and seasonal in our homes – right?



With all of that decorating in mind, we wanted to remind you about a very nifty Janome Accessory, the Ribbon Sewing Guide, which will assist you decorating and embellishing your ribbons – customize gift wrapping with names and more.

This accessory fits most of our sewing machines – it screws directly into the needleplate. Because the guide attaches to the needle plate it does not matter whether your machine is high shank or low shank or 9mm wide or 7mm wide. Please check with your local Janome Dealer if you are unsure of how to attach it. More information on the Ribbon Sewing Guide can be found here.

There are 2 different length screws and 2 different thicknesses of little rubber pads. Please follow the instructions on the Blister package for this Accessory to know which screw and which pad is to be used for your specific Janome sewing machine. The pad goes under the ribbon guide and the screw goes through the guide and pad to attach it to the needle plate.

The white double sided guide (like 2 little “walls”) encloses the sides of the ribbon or tape and adjusts wider or narrower to perfectly accommodate ribbons or tapes. You can even make your own ribbons from scrap fabric if you wish. There is also a clear plastic guide, rather like a long clip guide, which secures the ribbon to further guide it straight. When all is in place, the ribbon or tape feeds through under the foot of the machine and your embellishment is perfectly positioned as it sews. You can use your alphabets/lettering to sew messages like Happy Birthday or Merry Christmas. Even add the name of the person who will receive the gift the ribbon is attached to! Or decorate a plain ribbon with pretty decorative stitching on your sewing machine - a perfect way to utilize all of the built-in decorative stitches you don't often get to use!

TIP: If you are using a very soft or silky ribbon (which most ribbons are), we highly recommend you use a strip/piece of our Madeira WATER SOLUBLE stabilizer (Avalon) under the ribbon on sewing guide, and above the needle plate, ie between the accessory and needle plate. This will stabilize the soft ribbon and your stitching will not pucker or distort. Alternatively, you could spray the ribbon with a liquid stabilizer to firm it up. Press dry before sewing on the ribbon. We would not suggest a tearaway stabilizer as you would not want to pick all that stabilizer out from the back of the ribbon afterwards. Water soluble stabilzer will just peel away easily and any remaining bits can be spritzed with water. Press the ribbon with a cool iron and press cloth when you are done embellishing.

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