Carolina Oneto

Hello, everyone! I'm Carolina Oneto, a Chilean quilter currently living in Brazil. My journey as a quilter began unexpectedly, as I originally pursued a career in Industrial and Business Engineering. However, my passion for colors and creative expression eventually pulled me into the world of quilting.


I have always been fascinated by the way colors interact and the impact they have on our emotions. My studies in color theory have been instrumental in shaping my unique artistic style. I use fabric as my medium to create intricate designs and abstract compositions that showcase the interplay of colors in mesmerizing ways.


Through my work, I strive to fuse traditional quilting techniques with a modern, artistic sensibility. I find inspiration in the vibrant landscapes, rich cultures, and diverse nature that surround me in both Chile and Brazil. The patterns and textures I encounter in my everyday life often find their way into my quilts, lending them a unique and personal touch.


Over the years, I have been fortunate enough to exhibit my quilts on a global scale. They have been showcased at prestigious exhibitions such as Quiltcon, the Houston quilt festival  and European Carrefour du Patchwork festivals, as well as various galleries across Europe, the United States, and Chile. Seeing the reaction of viewers to my work and hearing their interpretations is incredibly rewarding, as it allows a connection to be formed through the universal language of art.


In addition to my artistic endeavors, I also enjoy sharing my knowledge and skills with fellow quilting enthusiasts. I teach both online classes and have the privilege of teaching at guilds and quilt shows around the world. It brings me immense joy to see my students unlock their own creative potential and witness their growth and artistic development.


As a Janome Maker for Janome America and a Wonderfil thread specialist for Wonderfil Specialty Threads, I am constantly exploring new techniques and materials to push the boundaries of my quilting artistry.


While my journey from being an Industrial and Business Engineer to becoming a renowned quilter and color theory expert might seem unexpected, it has been an incredible and fulfilling path. The melding of my analytical background and artistic passion has opened doors I never imagined possible.


I am excited to continue my quilting journey, using fabric as my canvas to tell stories, evoke emotions, and inspire others. Through my art, I hope to spread joy, connect with people, and leave a lasting impression on the quilting world.


Carolina Oneto

Modern Quilter, Quilt Instructor


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