How to Make a Sewing Machine Organizer 


How to Make a Sewing Machine Organizer 






Helping keep your sewing tools handy helps to keep your sewing time more efficient! Janome Artisan Maday Delgado from Sustainable Textiles Designs created a fantastic solution and tutorial using the limited edition 100 Anniversary Janome fabric!

I’m so excited to share this easy sewing room organizer with you and I can’t believe it took me eleven years to make one! I used the Accuquilt Go cutting system to streamline the fabric cutting process. I also included two rulers that you can use instead, to create hexagons and triangles.

With this organizer, you will have all of your favorite sewing notions visibly at your fingertips, maintain a tidy sewing table and celebrate Janome’s 100th anniversary. This project can be adapted to fit into any room or make into a table mat or larger quilt.



 Helpful Hints:

I used 1/8” and ¼” seams throughout this project and ironed seams to the side.

When you work with hexagons or half-hexagons, it helps to stitch units in rows vs a completed block, to avoid y-seams.

Stitch length – 2 – 2.2”

The triangles in this project are equilateral (all sides are equal). The stitching sequence is the same no matter what side we choose.

Adjust the vinyl size if you would like to create deeper pockets.


4 assorted color fat quarters or scraps

Janome 100th Anniversary fabric – half a yard

GO! Half Hexagon-4 1/2" Sides (4 1/4" Finished) Die

GO! Equilateral Triangle-4 1/2" Sides (4 1/4" Finished) Die

Quilt in a Day 60-degree Equilateral triangle Ruler (8 ½”) – Optional

Hex N More Ruler by Jaybird Quilts – Optional

Book – Simplicity by Gyleen Fitzgerald – Optional

Clear vinyl or favorite color (7.5”x22”)

Batting (28” square)

Backing fabric (28” square)

Coordinating 50wt cotton thread for top and bobbin

Clips/fine pins

Organ needle 90/14

Machine Used

Janome Continental M7 - with hp 1/4” foot/hp needle plate

Cut triangles and half-hexagons (HH) using AccuQuilt dies

6 Janome fabric triangles and HH, 6 triangles of print 2 (hearts), 6 triangles of print 3 (light blue), 3 HH of print 4 (dark blue), 3 HH of print 5 (geometrical cream)

Make 6 units  – Join triangle and HH as shown below 



When you have all of the pieces cut, arrange them on your design wall or on any flat surface to make sure you are happy with the layout.

Taking a photo helped me to visualize the pieces that were out of order.



Make 6 of the following unit – the triangle die, cuts perfect dog ears, matching the corners has never been easier.


Add 3 dark blue HH to 3 of the above units and 3 geometrical cream HH to the remaining 3. Stitch the half-hexagons to print 2 (hearts). See below



The finished large triangle units (60-degree equilateral triangle), are comprised of 3 triangles and 2 HH each.

Stitch units in the order below, as rows. You will have two rows. The vinyl will be attached to most of the bottom row to create a pocket with compartments for tools.


Use 1/8” seam allowance to stitch vinyl to the lower half of the hexagon and two sides. Pin using fine pins to hold it in place.




Using the top as a guide, trim backing, and batting to the same size. Place organizer top and backing RST, batting on the bottom. Use pins or clips to keep layers together.




Leave a 5” opening to turn the organizer right side out. It helps if the opening is left on the side that does not have the extra layer of vinyl.


Push all corners carefully out after turning and topstitch 1/8” or ¼” from the edges.

If you need to press the organizer, I recommend carefully ironing from the backside as to not melt the vinyl.



 Now you are ready to stitch/create the pockets of the organizer that will best accommodate the sewing tools you use regularly.



Your organizer is ready to enjoy! As you can see below, it makes the perfect centerpiece for small tables as well.


I recommended a book, under the supply list, that I think you would enjoy from an artist that loves to work with polygons. If you are curious about working with interesting shapes, this book will surely delight you.


Happy Making!


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