How to Make Embroidered Personalized Gift Ribbon

Celebrate Mom by designing and embroidering customized ribbons with your Janome embroidery machine, to compliment your gift wrapping. Let her know just how much she means to you by including a special message of your choice. 


Janome Artisan Maday from Sustainable Textile Design has the perfect solution to add that special touch to all of your gifts for Mother’s Day and throughout the year! 


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Iris Polyester ultra brite embroidery thread – assorted colors

Bobbin thread – white 

RE20 embroidery hoop

Sulky Sticky Fabri-Solvy stabilizer (water-soluble)

Tear-away stabilizer (to float under the length of the hoop)

Cotton ribbon 1.5” wide (your choice of color and desired length)

Organ needle size 12 or 14

Water-soluble marking pen (optional)

Janome curved embroidery scissors


Machine Used

Janome Skyline 9


Wrapping Paper

Assorted Florals 


Don’t forget mom’s presents! 

Celebrating moms and all mother figures around the world this month is always inspiring to me. 


I look forward to the love and unique experiences this holiday brings to my family. There are always opportunities to spoil the mother figures in our lives and we never take for granted the chance to show them just how much we care about them.


While I pondered what project to create for this submission, I knew that I wanted it to be customizable for any occasion, quick, and most importantly, meaningful

The ribbon that I used for this project was repurposed from another package I received in the mail. It was too good not to reuse it.


Let’s get started!


  • Hoop the sticky Sulky wash away stabilizer


  • Position multiple lengths of ribbon using the entire hoop leaving small gaps in between each row. I made sure to twist the ribbon so that the text would appear right side when the ribbon was folded during gift wrapping. 


HINT: Practice wrapping the gift so that you have an idea of how the text will lay once embroidered. You can use water-soluble pens to mark where you want the monogramming to appear exactly when you hoop it. 

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  • You are ready to customize your ribbon message (s). Going to the home icon on the upper right-hand side, select ABC.


  • Choose the text box that appears vertically (AB highlighted below) so that it runs the length of the ribbon. For letter-size, I chose Small and Medium and most of the time, lower case letters. If something does not look correct, you can use the “trash can” icon under “OK” to delete and start over. 

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  • As you type your desire phrases you can rotate, curve or space out each individual line of text within the edit screen to further customize your message. 

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  • Use arrows on the edit screen to move the text up/down or side to side to help you center the messages. 

 Once you are satisfied with the placement, you are ready to embroider!


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HINT: Keep in mind that the ribbon will wrap around the objects, so moving the text to appear differently on the ribbon (i.e-top, middle, lower part), helps to see it more clearly. The same applies to the size of the font and thread color used (please see photo below).


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  • Carefully remove the ribbon from the sticky stabilizer and trim it back. You can dampen the ribbon if you like to remove the stabilizer but without testing it first for color run, I prefer to trim it instead. 

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Helpful Hints: 

Use your hoop grid template to assist you in aligning the text of your choice within the width of the ribbon.

Untread your machine needle and hit the “start” button (when you are ready to start) to ensure that the text will appear in the desired spot before you start embroidering, that way you don’t have to remove stitches if it does not align correctly and ribbon or thread won’t be wasted. 

Always “float” a piece of tear-away under the fabri-solvy stabilizer when embroidering on ribbon or delicate fabrics to prevent puckering. Start with a new needle. 

Measure the boxes you will use to ensure that you have enough ribbon and that your text will appear where it will be readable.

Now comes the fun part! Gift wrapping Mom’s gifts!


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I hope this quick project inspires you to use and experiment with embroidering on ribbons to create customizable gift-wrapping accessories that are sure to delight makers and recipients alike. Testing on a small piece of ribbon will inform how best to stabilize the ribbon before making yards of it.  Have fun and happy gift-giving for all occasions!



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