Janome Drop-in Shop Stop with Kimberly Einmo : Sew Magarbo

When traveling, our spokesperson, Kimberly Einmo, often does shop-stops to local Janome dealers and a few weeks back she stumbled upon one of the most positively stunning shops in the Virginia/DC area: Sew Magarbo!

The owner, Precious Lopez, has made her store a shop full of colorful fabric, must-have notions, amazing accessories, a GIANT sewing classroom, thoughtful gifts, modern patterns and many Janome sewing machines to try and test out (including the brand new Continental M7). 

Precious is passionate about making sewing accessible for adults and kids alike. In fact, she pioneers an after-school sewing for kids age 6-12 and her classes are full of kids that are interested in sewing, crafting and making lasting friendships. 

Precious Lopez is making waves in the Virginia/DC quilting and sewing area so if you ever find yourself in the vicinity, Sew Magarbo is a must see shop. 

You can read more about Kimberly's shop-stop on her blog HERE!

The TWO Closest Dealers to you are:
2407 W 13th ST. , WICHITA KS, 67203
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