New How-To's Online For Transferring Embroidery Designs

Copy embroidery designs to or from your Memory Craft without using Janome software.

665-new-how-tos-online-for-transferring-embroidery-designsTo easily move embroidery designs from one device to another, you just need a USB memory stick and some simple instructions.

Let's say you have a design on your Memory Craft embroidery machine that you want to move to your PC. You simply insert your USB memory stick into your machine and then save the design to it. (The process differs slightly, depending on your model of machine.)

When you insert a USB stick into your Memory Craft for the first time, the machine creates a special folder system on the stick. So that when you place that memory stick in your PC, you can copy files into the newly created folder that can be opened by your Memory Craft. In this way you can bring designs back and forth without using any Janome software.

To help you with step-by-step instructions on how to do this, we've created a design transfer tutorial (as a PDF) for the MC12000, MC11000, MC9900, MB-4, MC10001, MC9700/MC9500, MC350e, MC300e, and MC200e.

You can also get transferring instructions just for the Horizon Memory Craft 12000 or Memory Craft 9900.

To get more help with this or any other procedure on your Memory Craft, see your authorized Janome dealer.

Download The Transferring Tutorial PDF

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