New Video: Beading Foot Wide

The easy way to sew strings of larger beads on your MC12000.

Because beads come in various sizes, you can choose from two optional beading feet for your Horizon Memory Craft 12000 sewing, quilting and embroidery machine.

A few days ago, we featured the foot for smaller beads: Beading Foot Narrow L1. It's designed for sewing beads or other trims up to 2 mm in diameter.

Today we're featuring the foot for larger beads: Beading Foot Wide L2. It allows you to attach trims and beads between 2.5 and 4 mm in diameter.

Both feet work the same way. You feed the string of beads through a slot on the foot, and then as you sew the needle penetrates on either side to stitch them down. To hide your thread as it crosses the beads, you may want to use monofilament or a color that matches your fabric.  

How To Use The Wide Beading Foot

  1. Snap the foot onto your machine.
  2. Feed the beads or cord through the slot on the front of the foot.
  3. On your MC12000's touchscreen go into the Utility Section. Choose stitch number nine.
  4. Begin sewing, slowly gaining speed.
  5. Continue until you've finished attaching your string of beads.

To see this demonstrated, watch the video Beading Foot Wide L2 (9mm): Attaching larger beads.

You can try out the Wide Beading Foot and all the other accessories on the MC12000 at your authorized Janome dealer.

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