Sewing Heavy Fall Fabrics? The HD Series Is Here To Help!

251-hd-seriesGet sturdy stitching on a lightweight machine.

With autumn just around the corner we're all thinking of projects with heavier fabrics--window coverings to keep in the heat, garments to keep out the chill, and of course nice thick quilts.

Thick fabrics, especially where they fold into layers, can be a challenge for any sewing machine. Not only is your motor working harder to make the needle penetrate the fabric, the whole stability of your machine is tested as it moves the heavy material through.

 Janome created the HD3000 and HD1000 sewing machines just for this purpose. The HD stands for "Heavy Duty," starting with the metal exterior and going all the way down to the metal components inside. The HD series machines are built to take on your heavy fabrics without being heavy themselves.

At less than 19lbs. the HD3000 features 19 stitches (including a one-step buttonhole), 6.5 mm stitch width, built-in needle threader, free arm, and Janome's 7 piece feed dog system. Even more affordable, but still heavy duty, the HD1000 has 14 stitches and a 5 mm stitch width.

Visit your local Janome dealer as ask to try out one of the HD machines on some sturdy fall fabric.

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