The Sewing Diaries - Week 3

Sewing Thick Fabric

Janome Canada Artisan Sherri Sylvester of Thread Riding Hood started a six-week blog series called The Sewing Diaries, where she has been posting one topic per week about her new machine, the Skyline S7. On Tuesday, we featured Sherri's week 1 blog post and yesterday we posted week 2's. In this week's post, Sherri reviews the five steps to conquering tension and thicker fabrics. She also includes a link to a tutorial on how to hem jeans.

When sewing thicker fabrics, it is important to know how to set the tension on your machine properly. If it is too tight, the tension will cause puckers and gathering and if it too loose, the seam will not be strong enough and may even fall apart. Sherri mentions that it is important to read the machine manual; make sure you are using the correct needle; slow down; switch out your needle plate and check your thread to achieve a professionally-finished project.

Sherri made a super thick canvas and leather layered satchel to test the Skyline S7 and it performed beautifully! Included in this blog post is a giveaway. Starting today through next Thursday, March 31, enter to win Mad About Patchwork fabric.

Click here to read Sherri's full blog post.

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