Video: Installing A Lapped Zipper With The MC12000 AcuFeed Feet

Here's how to install a zipper using our exclusive fabric feeding system.

On a lapped zipper one side of the seam allowance "laps" over the zipper, hiding it when not in use. It's commonly used on skirts, pants, and any other application where you want the zipper hidden.

With the AcuFeed Flex fabric feeding system on your Horizon Memory Craft 12000 installing a lapped zipper is a series of simple straight stitches (try saying THAT five times fast). You just follow the onscreen diagrams. And while you sew, the AcuFeed Flex foot keeps all your layers moving in perfect sync.

How To Install A Lapped Zipper Using The Narrow AcuFeed Flex Feet

  1. Begin by installing the VD foot on the Single AcuFeed Flex foot holder.
  2. Attach the foot holder to the machine and engage the AcuFeed Flex system.
  3. On your machine, go to the Sewing Applications screen. Select Zipper, then choose Lapped Zipper with the AcuFeed Flex system symbol.
  4. Choose the Lock A Matic stitch.
  5. On your fabric mark where the zipper goes then sew the lower part of the seam.
  6. Choose Basting and sew the zipper opening closed.
  7. Choose "Sew Left Side." 
  8. Take off the VD foot and install the ED foot.
  9. Fold the seam allowance in half. Lay it along the teeth of the zipper. And stitch it in place.
  10. Fold your garment out of the way and stitch the zipper to the seam allowance.
  11. Select "Sew Right Side." 
  12. Open up your project and sew the bottom and side seams, stitching through the zipper tape and seam allowances from the outside of the project.
  13. Snip the basting threads.

And now you've created a lapped zipper.



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