Embroidery Motif Bag

Created By: Janome Educator Ann Hein
Skill Level: Advanced

Using the Border and Normal Sew stitches in the Horizon Memory Craft 15000 you can make a unique embroidered bag. Placing the embroidery on a vinyl fabric or fashion suede fabric gives it a modern fresh feel. Fabric colors and embroidery thread can make each bag different and interesting. Mix and match for all your spring outfits!

Janome Supplies Required
  • Horizon Memory Craft 15000
  • Embrodiery foot P
  • Zipper Foot E
  • F2 foot
  • O Foot
  • Straight stitch plate
  • Both bobbin cases
  • SQ 23 hoop
  • Red Tip needle
  • Horizon Link Suite software - installed
Fabric and Notions Required

Other Fabric and Notions Required:

  • Embroidery thread
  • All Purpose Thread
  • Pre wound embroidery bobbin or use the matching embroidery thread in the bobbin
  • Wonder Clips - 4
  • 2 - 1” D rings
  • 14” zipper
  • Vinyl – 1/2yd 60” wide fabric – See cutting instructions below
  • 2 - 15” squares of cutaway stabilizer

Design the Embroidery

  1. Open Horizon Link Suite.

  2. Open EmbLink Tool.

  3. Open Editing Embroidery Designs.

  4. Select Embroidery Edit and select hoop SQ23.

  5. Select Monogram.

  6. Select Border.


Row 1:

  1. Use the 2 shapes highlighted.

  2. Place the diamond shapes one large  and 2 small  until there are 7 large diamonds and 6 small sets.
  3. Select Enter.
  4. Close the Border Box.
  5. Move Row 1 to the top of the hoop placing the top of the green box on the edge of the hoop area.

    Tip: Use the arrow keys on the keyboard to move the group up to the very top. Click off the design then select design again to active the keyboard keys. Keep the middle diamond on the center line.

Row 2:

  1. Open Border from the Monogram menu again.
  2. Using the same 2 shapes place 2 small and 1 large until there are 7 small sets and 6 large diamonds.
  3. Select Enter.
  4. Close the Border Box.
  5. Select View from the top menu.

  6. Select Zoom in and increase until it is easy to see the grid line.
  7. Using the arrow keys on the keyboard move Row 2 up until the green selection box touches the bottom of the small diamonds of the first row.

  8. Once Row 2 is in place Select Horizontal Mirror.


Continue Building Rows:

  1. Select Edit.

  2. Select both of the newly copied rows.
    Tip: Select one row then hold the shift key down and select the second row
  3. When both designs are selected, select Copy& Paste – ONE time
    Tip: Copy & Paste copies right on top of itself so only select once!
  4. Using the arrow keys move the copied group of designs down, placing the green selection box just touching the bottom of the Row 2 designs.

  5. Repeat this 2 more times so there are 8 rows.
  6. Select all 8 rows and Copy & Paste one time.
  7. Move the group of designs down.
  8. Select row 15 then select Copy & Paste one time, move this design to the bottom.
  9. Select all 17 rows and touch Center  to bring the design to the center of the hoop
  10. Save design, Touch  and save design as “main bag”
  11. Send design to machine using your favorite method


  1. Cut the strap first – 3” x 60” set aside.
  2. Main bag - 2 pieces 12” x 12”
  3. Strap tabs for D-ring -2 pieces 1” x 2”
  4. Zipper facing -2 pieces 1” x 10 3/4”, zipper tabs 4 pieces 1” x 1 1/4”
  5. Embroider Design.
  6. Prepare machine for embroidery.
  7. Hoop the cut away stabilizer in the SQ 23 hoop.
  8. Thread machine with Embroidery thread of choice.
  9. Place vinyl centered on the hoop.
  10. Use the Trace/Baste Function to hold the fabric in the hoop.
  11. Embroider the design on both pieces of vinyl for the front and back of the bag.


  1. Return Machine to regular sewing
  2. Thread machine with thread that matches the vinyl
  3. Trim the Main bag to size
  4. Using the embroidery area as a guide and a ruler and rotary cutter measure a ½” away from the stitching at the top and trim. Measure a 1 ¼” away from the sides and trim. Measure 2 ¼” away from the bottom and trim. Trim the cut away stabilizer to the edges of the embroidery.

  5. Add facings to the zipper.
  6. Attach Zipper foot E to the machine. Go to Sewing Applications, Zipper, Lapped Zipper, Sew Left side. This is not a lapped zipper but by using the presets for this zipper application we can easily sew this zipper in!
  7. Lay zipper right side up on the table; place the facing wrong side down on the zipper with the raw edge against the zipper teeth on the left side of the zipper. Zipper is longer than needed so facing can be placed away from the zipper head. 
  8. Once that side is completed select Sew Right side, place facing on zipper matching placement with the previous piece.

  9. Add tabs to zipper.
  10. Change to the Open Toe Satin Stitch foot F2 foot and Utility Stitch 1. Using the 1” x 11/4” strips, place them wrong sides together and slide the ends of the zipper tape inside. (fig 21).

  11. Sew around the tab securing the zipper tape inside.

  12. Prepare the strap.
  13. Fold the strap in thirds. Use Wonder clips to hold it in place. Stitch down the center of the strap using Decorative stitch #73. Stitch again on either side of the previous stitching using Applique Stitch #9.

  14. Add the D rings
  15. The D rings are place on opposite ends of the facing and requires only one strap. Using the strap tabs fold over the D ring on the straight edge. Place them 1 ¾” in on opposite sides of the zipper facing. The Main bag pieces are larger than the zipper facing. The zipper facing will float above the top of the bag and will not be secured in the sides. Add the Main bag to this “sandwich”.
  16. Seaming is done on the right side of the fabric with wrong sides together. Use the Wonder Clips to hold everything. Sew each side of the zipper facing being sure to secure the D ring tabs. An additional row of stitching can be placed near the tabs.
  17. Fold the strap over the D rings and secure in place. Be sure not to twist your strap!
  18. Sew it all together.
  19. Place the Main bag sections wrong sides together and stitch the side seams using the O foot and Quilting Stitch #2 – increase stitch length to 2.0.
  20. Sew across the bottom but do not catch the side seams. Bring the side seam and the bottom seam together and sew across making a flat bottom.



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