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When you create with fabric and thread, every project is a journey. Where you end up and how you get there is all up to you... and your machine. And with wireless connect via your PC or iPad and our fastest processor to date, you'll be there in no time. And the size is fantastic. The Horizon MC15000 comes standard with our largest hoop and has the largest touch screen we've ever made! No matter which direction you head, the new Horizon MC15000 can take you there.

We've developed four amazing iPad app to help make your embroidery better. Enjoy AcuDesign, AcuEdit, AcuMonitor and the new AcuSetter and AcuSketch apps. Click on the icon to download on the App Store.


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Update to Version 2.1 to use the new AcuSetter iPad App
Update Instructions

Click here to access the MC15000 iPad Wireless Configuration Setup.

Click here to learn more about the Janome embroidery formats.  

Click here to get started with Stitch Composer.

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Key Features
Automatic built-in needle threader
LCD full color resolution touchscreen 7.7" x 4.7"
  • 510 Built-in stitches
  • 480 Built-in embroidery designs
  • 13 One-step buttonholes
  • Automatic thread tension
  • Automatic built-in needle threader
  • AcuGuide automatic cloth guide
  • WiFi™ Certified to work with our 4 iPad Apps: AcuDesign, AcuEdit, AcuMonitor, AcuSetter
  • Memorized needle up/down
  • Automatic presser foot lift
  • One-step needle plate conversion
  • AcuFeed Flex Layered Fabric Feeding System
  • 7 piece feed dog
  • Stitch Composer stitch creation program
  • Free arm
  • Drop feed
  • Variable Zig Zag for Free Motion Quilting with width adjustment for satin stitch
  • Start/stop button
  • Speed control slider
  • Locking stitch button
  • Automatic thread cutter with memory function
  • Twin needle guard
  • Easy reverse button
  • Memory capability: up to 4MB of storage
  • Adjustable knee lift
  • Independent bobbin winding motor
  • Extra high presser foot lift
  • LCD Full color touchscreen 7.7” x 4.7”
  • Foot pressure adjustment
  • Foot height adjustment
  • Maximum stitch width: 9mm
  • Maximum stitch length: 5mm
  • Sewing application support with on-screen help
  • Full intensity lighting system with 10 white LED lamps in 5 locations
  • 15” Embossed stainless steel bed
  • Retractable High Light and AcuView Magnifier in three different magnifications
  • Available iPad apps including AcuDesign, AcuMonitor and AcuEdit
  • Real time PC connection with Horizon Link Suite for combining and editing embroidery designs.
  • Top loading full rotary hook bobbin
  • 11 Fonts with European characters
  • 2&3 Letter monogramming function
  • Maximum embroidery size: 9.1” x 11.8” (230mm x 300mm)
  • Design transfer options: Wireless, USB, Direct PC connection via Horizon Link Suite
  • Linear Motion Embroidery System / Embroidery sewing speed: 400 – 1,000 spm
  • Embroidery format: .JEF, .JEF+, .JPX / Editing functions: Resize, Combine, Duplicate, Rotate, Flip, Arc, Group, Drag & Drop, Zoom, Trace, User Color Choice
  • Programmable jump thread trimming
  • Adjustable speed while embroidering / Flexible stitch travelling by units of 1, 10, and 100
  • Automatic enabling cutwork
  • AcuFil quilting system in Horizon Link Suite
  • Auto return post thread break
  • Adjustable hoop positioning
  • Thread brand selection: Janome (Polyester and Acrylic), Gutermamn Sulky (Rayon 40), Madeira(Polyneon 40), Robison-Anton (Polyester 40 and Rayon 40), Mettler (Poly sheen), Jenny Haskins (Rayon)
  • Semi Hard Cover included
  • DVD included
  • Available Hoops: GR: 9.1” x 11.8” , SQ23: 9.1” x 9.1” , SQ14: 5.5” x 5.5” 
  • Free Arm FA10: 3.9” x 1.6”
Standard Accessories
Model Comparison
Horizon Memory Craft 15000
Hook Type Top Loading Full Rotary Hook Bobbin
Thread Tension Control Automatic
Maximum Stitch Width 9mm
Feed System AcuFeed
Easy Reverse Button Yes
Bobbin Winding Independent Motor
Stitch Selection Touchscreen
Cover Semi-Hard Cover
Number of Stitches 510
Number of Buttonholes 13 One-step Buttonholes
Needle Threader Automatic, Built -in
Needle Up Down Memorized
Free Arm Yes
Drop Feed Yes
Needle Position 91
Locking Stitch Button Yes
Twin Needle Guard Yes
Number of Stitch Combination Up to 100 stitches
Last Stitch Recall Capability Yes
Knee Lift Yes
Machine Size W 25.6" x H 12.6" x D 10.2"
Machine Weight 34.6 lbs
Work Space W 11" x H 4.7
Extra High Presser Foot Lift Yes
Foot Pressure Adjustment Yes
Maximum Stitch Length 5mm
Other Features
real-time PC connection with Horizon Link for creating and editing embroidery designs - stitch composer stitch creation program, Variable Zigzag for Free Motion Quilting
Number of Designs 479
Fonts for Monogramming 11
Maximum Embroidery Size 9.1" x 11.8"
Design Transfer Options USB, Direct PC connection via Horizon Link
Embroidery Sewing Speeds 1000
Embroidery Format JEF, .JEF+, .JPX
On Screen Editing Functions
Resizing, Combine, duplication, Rotate, Vertical/Horizontal Flip, Arcing, Groupiing, User Color Choice
Programmable Jump Thread Trimming Yes
Adjustable Speed While Embroidering Yes
Flexible Stitch Travelings units of 1, 10, and 100
Auto Return Post Thread Break Yes
Adjustable Hoop Positioning No
Thread Brand Selection
Janome, Guterman, Sulky, Madeira, Mettler, Robison Anton
Available Hoops
GR 230 x 300, SQ23 230 x 230, SQ14 140 x 140, FA10 100 x 140, FH 100 x 100 (optional)
Everyone is Talking about Horizon Memory Craft 15000
Average 4.3 | 15 Reviews

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

LOVE my 15000,by far this is the best machine I have sewn on!! I finally made the decision to own it& have not regretted it at all...the apps are the best!! The accu feed is the best....
Wednesday, May 18, 2016

This is my first embroidery machine and I love it. I visited my local dealer looking for a serger and Helen said that if I really wanted to have fun, I should get the MC 15000. I walked out with it and have never looked back!
Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

The best thing about the Horizon 15000 is that it is a Janome! It is quiet, but don't let its soft sound fool you...this machine is a sewing beast! There is NOTHING it can't handle, and I've put it through the ringer...from leather appliqué to mending tents. The embroidery is flawless, the quilting is superb, and normal sewing is a breeze. I try something new every day and it continues to surprise and delight me. Best machine EVER!
Wednesday, May 18, 2016

I have used the Janome 10001 for many years and recently upgraded to the 15000. I haven't used a lot of the features yet, but look forward to using all of them. It is such an easy machine to sew/quilt on. I have already gotten spoiled to many of the features the 10001 didn't have on it. I am so glad that I made this investment in the 15000.
Wednesday, May 18, 2016

I love the performance, features and options of this machine. I am learning new things that I can do with the machine all the time. Generally speaking it is a well made machine; but one irritating flaw. The needle threader just can't seem to work. I've had it in the shop and am getting ready to take it back in. After the last service (replaced that unit), it worked once. Speaking with another (she had her's in 3 times). The MC 15000 minus the needle threader is a great machine!
Wednesday, May 18, 2016

I have had three Janomes and love them... the one thing I notice with the MC15000 is that the thread comes out of the take-up lever often
Debbie Pennock
Wednesday, May 18, 2016

I love my 15000. It does more than I can imagine and I'm learning new things all the time. It sews beautiful stitches and everything I do looks so professional. I had an 11000 prior, and the updates and features on this new machine are amazing. It's well thought out, planned, and designed. I'm a very happy customer.
Thursday, May 19, 2016

Love my 15000. Only problem it is way to heavy to carry to classes!! Easy, peasy to use and I LOVE it!!
Mary Sue
Thursday, May 19, 2016

The 15000 is simply a wonderful machine - easy to use, tons of features and beautiful stitches. I am so glad I own one.
Saturday, May 21, 2016

Let me begin by saying I have been a Janome user since the 8000. The progression to the 15000 included the 9000, 10000, 11000 and 11000SE. I also went from Scan N Sew to Customizer, Digitizer and presently have the MBX5. To me the 15000 with wifi capabilities was a no brainier. My sewing skills vary from clothing, quilting, crafting, home deco and embroidery. The 15000 meets all those needs. It is a workhorse and a joy to sew with. It’s great working with the AccuMonitor, AccuSetter and AccuEdit Apps.
Monday, May 23, 2016

This machine is by far the Best Machine I have ever owned. I cannot think of any Quilting or Ebroidery task I would not be able to perform with this Super Machine. The Best Investment of my Quilting Life! People always comment at all the Wonderful functions the machine has and I smile proudly knowing I Have The Best Machine available. Thank You Janome
Thursday, May 26, 2016

I LOVE the way the machine sews - quiet, uniform, good tension control, etc. I LOVE the decorative stitches and the programming capabilities. I LOVE the HorizonLink software and the ease of use to get the design to the machine. HOWEVER - The needle threader is useless. I have had it in for adjustment twice, and it does not work consistently. This is extremely frustrating to me, as when I spend this kind of money for a tool, I expect it to work. I should have listened to the gentleman that sold me the machine. He actually told me that if a needle threader is high on your list of must-haves, buy a different machine.
Friday, August 5, 2016

I absolutely love this machine! It sews like a dream and the embroidery is just beautiful. I only wish I was able to get hold of Janome by email or phone so that I could ask some questions about things that I can't find in the book or online. But the machine is just fabulous!
Sunday, March 26, 2017

I really love my 15000, I'm a tech junkie so this really works for me. The biggest problem I am having is the needle threader. It does not work. I have had it taken in several times and had the threader unit replaced twice. We get it to work at the shop, I get it home it doesn't work. It's sort of on again off again, mostly off. With this machine being top of the line, and the investment involved all parts should work.

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