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Dual feed foot holder MC8200-broke
I purchased my MC 8200 on April 20, 2015. After 5 weeks, the dual feed foot holder came apart and appears broken. Has anyone else experienced this?

I'm assuming it will be covered under the warranty and will take it to my dealer, but I would like to know the track record.

  1. RE: Dual feed foot holder MC8200-broke

    For the record, we've sold quite a few machines that have Acufeed and Acufeed Flex. Acufeed has been around a long time now, since the introduction of the 6600. In all of those years, I've only had one machine, and it was a 6600, come in for service needing a repair related to the Acufeed.

    I always say that when machines are new is when they are most likely to break. I'd expect it's covered under warranty, especially considering the age of the machine. Ask your dealer!

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    Posted: May 27 2015 By: skunkbad
  2. RE: Dual feed foot holder MC8200-broke

    I have a MC8900 that I purchased 6 months ago and have had to replace mine 3 times. It seems that the pin that holds on the foot section with the spring backs itself out and then the foot falls apart. Not sure if it is just a bad batch of feet or if a redesign is needed.

    Posted: Oct 05 2015 By: gwickham
  3. RE: Dual feed foot holder MC8200-broke

    I have a Janome sewing group on Facebook, and have had a few members complain about the Dual Feed Foot Holder breaking. Some own the 8200, some may be 8900s. I have advised them to contact their dealer, but this does seem to be an issue on some of the newer models. Has there been any recent news from Janome on this issue? Will these feet be replaced by Janome, as they seem to be defective?
    Posted: Nov 10 2015 By: Em_Sew
  4. RE: Dual feed foot holder MC8200-broke

    I somehow doubt that Janome will replace the feet. It would be hard to prove that it isn't "operator error". I know you don't want to hear that, but needles, feet, bobbins, bobbin cases and the like are considered "consumable" and don't usually get replaced at no cost. However, if the machine is only a month old or so, your dealer may replace the foot at no charge.

    Just for the record - I've owned Janome machines for over 30 years and have had no serious issues. I've had the 6600, 7700 same even feed system, and also the 12000, and presently the 15000 and have not broken a single foot. I do wonder how that little plastic clip doesn't break, but somehow it doesn't. The pin issue was something I never even thought about, but I do know that fabrics do catch when I use my even feed system and I just use a few choice words and just carry on, things fit eventually. You can imagine that I'm not always "gentle" with these feet either and still none have broken, but if one did - I'd go and buy another and keep going.
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    Posted: Dec 07 2015 By: CherylAnn
  5. RE: Dual feed foot holder MC8200-broke

    I have an 8200 and use the dual feed foot often, I found the first time I used it the upper feeder wasn't engaging so tended to flap around a bit. I removed the whole thing, reattached it but made certain the gizmo that sticks up at the top was properly seated for it to work correctly. My son was stitching some heavy tapestry fabric chair covers and had attached the dual feed foot, he thought correctly, I caught it before he started stitching and told him to press the gizmo forward, he heard a click and the top feed prongs dropped into position perfectly. If you stitch with the top feed disengaged the foot will break,
    Posted: Jan 01 2016 By: digimad2
  6. RE: Dual feed foot holder MC8200-broke

    I have an 8900 and have had the 9mm dual feed foot come apart at least 6 times. The pin backs out and the feed dogs fall off. Very frustrating.
    Posted: May 09 2016 By: gwickham
  7. RE: Dual feed foot holder MC8200-broke

    I bought my MC8900 in July of 2015. The dual feed foot broke in December and I purchased a new one. The new one broke last week - and I had to purchase another new one. These are about $60.00 each. These are not covered by any warranty. I wish Janome would address this issue.
    Posted: Jul 28 2016 By: JanetGardner
  8. RE: Dual feed foot holder MC8200-broke

    I have an MC8900QCP and this has now happened to me twice. The pin backs out resulting in the walking mechanism detaching along with the spring. I've put everything back together again but the pin continues to back out. My latest attempt is to tape the pin in place. I will have to see how that works.
    Posted: Dec 15 2016 By: mpfried
  9. RE: Dual feed foot holder MC8200-broke

    I purchased my 8900 in 2014, I had 3 dual feed feet break within less then 3 months of purchasing it. I was assured by the salesman that is was user error. The same things mentioned above were happening, the pin would come out and the spring would pop out and the foot would be useless. there was no fixing it at all. I stopped using that foot after I replaced it yet another time, and used the smaller feed foot in its place. Recently I decided to use it again and I opened the new foot that was from the last replacement and not even 10 minutes of using it, it did the same thing! I would very much like Janome to address this issue ASAP. I expect more from them, and the lack of accountability is really starting to discredit them in this matter.
    Posted: May 30 2017 By: SharaJean
  10. RE: Dual feed foot holder MC8200-broke

    I've had two of the feet fall apart, with the pin coming out. My dealer replaced them under the machine warranty, but I am still concerned that this will be an ongoing problem. I would like to see a proposed fix or a redesign.
    Posted: May 30 2017 By:
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