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Thread Break
I am in dire need of help. I have the mc500e and more times than not, I am in the middle of a project and my machine says thread break fix and restart. The problem is that the top and bottom threads are fine and not broke. Then when I look at the bottom of fabric it has a bunch of loops and loose thread on it. I have cleaned, oiled and changed the thread, bobbin thread and needle and nothing seems to be working. I did bring this to the store and it worked fine and then when I got it home it started to act up again..

Please helo

  1. RE: Thread Break

    Have you tried to just push the start button again? Does the machine work when you do that? Which bobbin case are you using with your machine. I have a 15000, and it comes with 2 bobbin cases, a Yellow Dot and the regular sewing bobbin case - I expect that you just have one as your machine is embroidery only. If you have another Janome machine, if the bobbin case is the same, except for the "dot" colour try it and see if it works.

    Posted: Apr 30 2017 By: CherylAnn
  2. RE: Thread Break

    I have similar problems too. Is there a way to know which bobbin case is which?
    Posted: May 02 2017 By: grandma6
  3. RE: Thread Break

    I have a new 500e with the same problem. Have your issue been resolved? If so, what did you do because vim ready to take the machine back.
    Posted: Aug 10 2017 By: emlcrna
  4. RE: Thread Break


    I don't like to contradict, but the "Yellow" dot bobbin case has greater tension so that the embroidery thread is pulled to the bottom so that bobbin thread doesn't come to the top.

    The "Red" dot is for regular sewing so that the tension is equal on top and bottom.

    The "Blue" dot has less tension as it is used for quilting as the thickness of a batting sometimes requires the bobbin case to let more thread out.

    Yellow dot - greatest tension
    Red dot - regular tension
    Blue dot - less tension
    Posted: Aug 11 2017 By: CherylAnn
  5. RE: Thread Break

    Did you folks fix your tension - thread break issues? It would be nice to know what you did to fix your problem, as it might help someone else who reads the forum posts. I'm curious too.

    I should suggest to anyone having issues, to check and double check how your machine is threaded - just in case the thread popped out somewhere in the path, change the needle - try different thread an different bobbin, the regular checks. If none of that works, it just might be a trip to the dealer for a date with the technician is in order. These are expensive machines and we want to look after them as best we can.

    Posted: Aug 16 2017 By: CherylAnn
  6. RE: Thread Break

    Just to update this Topic . . . I was suffering from the thread break message quite often - on the Janome Memory Craft 550e - and it is very easily solved by using a 'thread net' such as the one listed below.

    A simple test to see if it would work for you is just to hold the thread with your finger and thumb in-between the Spool of Thread and the pre-tensioner - just let it run through your finger and thumb with only the very slightest of tension - if the machine sews properly (and I'm pretty sure it will) then use Thread Nets every time, between colours etc - well anytime really.

    Another trick for using BIG spools (5000 meters for example) of embroidery thread is to put an empty lower bobbin on the bobbin winder thread the machine (use a Thread Stand and the Thread Net of course) and put the thread over the empty bobbin, makes for a great feeder to the pre-tensioner.


    Seach for thread net on Amazon. :)

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    Posted: Jul 05 2020 By: TagTag
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