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By: sahassinger
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Janome Memory Craft 4000 Computerized
Hurricane Irma destroyed my Janome Memory Craft 4000 Computerized sewing machine. I'm not sure how old it was, but it must be close to 20 years old. Could someone please let me know a comparable machine to my old model?

  1. RE: Janome Memory Craft 4000 Computerized

    Your best solution would be to visit a Janome dealer to see what they have on offer. There should be some good deals as the Janome Conference was pas summer and new machines were launched. You should be able to take part in a show where the deals are the best prices offered. Also, you will see more machines and then can make a choice for a replacement. The 4000 as you mentioned is quite old, so there may not be anyone that comes on the forum that could help.

    Posted: Sep 28 2017 By: CherylAnn
  2. RE: Janome Memory Craft 4000 Computerized

    An acquaintance of mine had a 4000. She had a business making high-end fleece and shearling garments. She used the 4000 for all the buttonholes and zippers and said it was a real workhorse. Many of the new Janomes have lots of bells and whistles which are lovely but if you are looking primarily for a workhorse perhaps this is what you what you should emphasize when you go hunting. Cheryl, what is your advice- a 6700 or??

    Posted: Sep 28 2017 By: devilcat
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    I have a MC 4000 and would like to know how old it is. Does anyone know how the read the serial numbers or what years they were made?
    Posted: Nov 05 2017 By: FVEDDER
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    You'd have to aahasingsk a dealer for the date of the 4000. I had a Memory Craft 6000 that I bought in 1984 - my daughter has it now and it still works well. I'm not sure if the 4000 was before or after it, but by the pictures on the internet it looks like it came later.

    To answer the question of the first item on this list for Sahassinger. I'd go with the new 6700 as it is the newest in the heavier duty Janome machines - they upscaled the 6500 and 6600. Hopefully, it is still just as sturdy and reliable as those were. I had the 6600 and gave it to my daughter in law, as I figured I needed the 7700 when it came out - it wasn't as good, but it did look prettier with it's red face - goes to show that "pretty" doesn't necessarily cut it. However, the 7700 was a good machine too.

    One thing to note is that the 6700 is a flat bed machine - just an extra note. I have open arm machines and I NEVER use the open arm, so you really wouldn't be losing anything in my opinion. The machine is also affordable.

    Posted: Nov 05 2017 By: CherylAnn
  5. RE: Janome Memory Craft 4000 Computerized

    I use a Janome/New Home Memory Craft 4000. It was my mother-in-laws. Original receipt was 1993, paid $1300. She was a dressmaker by trade/training and only bought the best. If you are seeking an insurance value claim I can send you a copy of the receipt. Current machines in this grade/feature machines go for $600-$700.
    Posted: Jan 20 2018 By: etobia
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