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By: tscalici
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Bunchy fabric!

  1. Bunchy fabric!

    My new 770 QCP will not let me sew fabric from the very edge! I know that I have the proper setting for general sewing and light fabric. Can anyone tell me what else to do? I use the automatic tension and the foot pressure dial is on 7. Should I be doing something?
    Posted: Aug 24 2012 By: tscalici
  2. Bunchy fabric!

    Is the foot pressure on 7 the maximum? If so, the fabric may be just getting crunched in the feed. Try sewing with a lower foot pressure an see what happens.
    Posted: Aug 25 2012 By: oddduck25
  3. Bunchy fabric!

    That's my thinking too...I'll try that. I read in the manuel that you're to hold the needle and bobbin thread when starting. It gives some relief but not enough. What setting would you suggest?
    Posted: Aug 25 2012 By: tscalici
  4. Bunchy fabric!

    Place a piece of scrap fabric in front of the piece you are sewing. Start sewing in the middle of this scrap and then right onto you project.

    Posted: Aug 25 2012 By: devilcat
  5. Bunchy fabric!

    Will this include top stitching? Now that I successfully have the pressure foot working properly, my top stitching is doing the same thing. I don't know if it's the thickness or what. It's driving me crazy!
    Posted: Aug 27 2012 By: tscalici
  6. Bunchy fabric!

    Either sew off of a small scrap like Jacquie said, or do not start off the end, come in a little pull your bobbin thread up first, just like when you quilt and then sew back and then forward.

    Loosen your pressure foot to a lower # perhaps 5 might work then try the hint I just suggested see if that helps. I do find with my 7700 if I have thick fabrics I use my dual feed foot and that helps.

    Posted: Aug 27 2012 By: MOM
  7. Bunchy fabric!

    I have lowered the presser as much as possible and using a scrap of fabric doesn't work. The thickness is preventing proper stitching. I'm going to try the dual foot today...
    Posted: Aug 28 2012 By: tscalici
  8. Bunchy fabric!

    If you have the pressure too low, it's not going to press down hard enough on the fabric to feed it through so that may be your problem. Also, remember that the opening in the throat plate is quite large (7mm wide to be exact) so starting on the edge of fabric with no support behind always runs a danger of being sucked down. Any machine with a wide zig zag capability will do that. Besides, why are you starting on the very edge, most of the time starting in from the very edge is acceptable because there will be a seam allowance where the beginning of the design/stitching will go.
    Posted: Aug 28 2012 By: jsm1144
  9. Bunchy fabric!

    I'm sorry, let me correct myself. I have to topstitch the front of a lined jumper and even being away from the edge by a 1/4th in, the fabric will not feed unless i pull some. I have tried the accufed and have succeeded. I only have one foot that came with the machine and would like a small foot when doing children clothing. I use piping all the time and the thickness can be a bear! The open toe accufeed foot has been suggested and I'm researching to see if that would benefit me. Any suggestions?
    Posted: Sep 13 2012 By: tscalici
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